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Garnaster is a fictional planet in the game Capsule Monster Chess.

The boards used to play Capsule Monster Chess are all said to be locations from this planet. There are fifty different boards, including Battlefield 7: "Crisis Hill" and Battlefield 25: "Garnaster's Border".


Number Battlefield Information Image
? Unknown field This field is shown in Chapter 24 but was not played on. Unnamed Capmon field.png
7 Crisis Hill Dark Yugi and Mokuba used this battlefield the first time they played Capsule Monster Chess;. BF7 Crisis Hill.png


25 Garnaster's Border Yugi and Mokuba used this battlefield when they played Capsule Monster Chess in Death-T.

At player A's right hand, is an Evolution Space that Player B can use. At Player B's right hand, is player A's Evolution Space. The other 2 corners contain HP Spaces, which can be used by both players.

BF25 Garnaster's Border.jpg