Domino City Hospital

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Domino City Hospital

Domino City Hospital or Domino Hospital (童実野病院 Domino Byōin) is a hospital in Domino City.

Events (manga)[edit]

Sugoroku Mutou was brought to Domino City Hospital after Seto Kaiba subjected him to the Experience of Death.

Yugi Mutou was sent here to recover from his burns, following the the burning of the Black Clown.[1]

Events (anime)[edit]

Solomon Muto was sent to Domino City Hospital after Maximillion Pegasus trapped his soul in a "Soul Prison" card.

Bakura Ryou was brought here to recover after his arm had been deliberately wounded, so Marik Ishtar could be seen helping him in front of Joey Wheeler and Téa Gardner, to win their trust.[2][3] Yami Bakura took over his body to leave the hospital to take part in the Battle City finals. Solomon Muto initially believed he was Ryou and tried to stop him, insisting he needed to recover, but was then knocked unconscious by Yami Bakura.[3]


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