Winking Camel

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The Winking Camel

The Winking Camel (ラクダのウィンク Rakuda no Winku) was a tavern in ancient Egypt.[1]

The tavern appears in two chapters. Each time it features the same people in the same positions, saying the same things. The only differences the second time are the character who had been incarcerated was not present and a minor alteration is made to the dialogue to reflect how the story has advanced. This is in reference to the behavior of non-player characters in role-playing games.


An exiled criminal came into the tavern, despite not being allowed in the city, and told the story of how he had seen the The White Dragon. Seto's soldiers spotted the criminal in the tavern during the ka hunt and took him out to be examined for ka.[1]

During the Shadow RPG, Yugi Mutou went to the Winking Camel to find information. He was unable to speak with anyone in the World of Memories, but overheard patrons talking about rumors that the pharaoh was in Kul Elna.[2]


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