Beef Buster

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Beef Buster.

Beef Buster, known as Beef Bowl Buster[Note 1] (牛丼野郎, Gyūdon Yarō) in the Japanese version, is a restaurant in Domino City in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.


Katsuya Jonouchi ate here at noon during the Battle City preliminaries. When Anzu Mazaki realized it was lunch time, she was correctly able to guess Jonouchi was there. Inside Jonouchi made conversation about the tournament with one of the workers and was given free pickles. He was asked to take off his Duel Disk as it was hitting off another customer while he was eating. Seeing the Duel Disk as a mark of his Duelist pride, he initially refused, but did it when the staff he was speaking with told him not to be bothering the other customers.


  1. Yarō (野郎) is a pejorative term, often translated as "bastard" or "jerk", but not always used in a disparaging sense.