Priests' Diaha

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Priests' Diaha
Priests' Diaha
Game details
LocationPharaoh's palace

The High Priests, Akhenaden, Seto and Shada, faced their fellow High Priests Mahado, Isis and Kalim in a mock Diaha to strengthen themselves in preparation for threats from Bakura, King of Thieves and Diabound.



The six priests were split into teams of three. Akhenaden, Seto and Shada faced Mahado, Isis and Kalim. Siamun Muran called out the rules, which were as follows:

  • Each team had three slabs
  • Each participant could summon one monster, either their own ka or one from the Shrine of Wedju
  • The team to defeat all of their opponents' monsters wins

Seto made the first move, summoning his own ka, Duos. His teammate Shada summoned Zerua. Mahado and Isis countered with Magus of Illusion and Spiria, respectively.

Duos, sacrificing a teammate

Duos attacked Magus of Illusion, who attempted to block with his "Curse of Illusion" spell. However Akhenaden summoned Dark Ushebti, which became the target of the spell. Duos continued its attack, but Spiria used its "Rainbow Barrier" ability to shield her team.

Shada got Zerua to use its "Dispel Magic" ability to remove barrier. Kalim then summoned Desert Trapdoor Spider, which trapped Zerua in a web.

Seto thanked Shada for destroying the barrier and said that he would now return the favor. He got Duos to attack its incapacitated teammates, Zerua and Dark Ushebti. Since Duos power increased with ally sacrifices, it strength was tripled. With that, it managed to defeat Magus of Illusion, Spiria and Desert Trapdoor Spider, with a single "Aura Crush" attack.

With their opponents' ka defeated, Akhenaden, Seto and Shada were declared the winners.


Seto was critical of Mahado's ka, the Magus of Illusion and believed it to be unfit to protect the pharaoh's tomb.

Kalim admitted defeat, but questioned the value of winning, when you must sacrifice your allies to do so. Seto replied that war is not won by the number of soldiers or swords and said that he would listen to Kalim after he became a more worthwhile opponent.

Atem addressed Seto and explained that a battle strategy relying on strength can reveal an unforeseen weakness and that true power would never mean hurting your friends. Seto asked what he considered power to be in that case and challenged him to a battle, in request for demonstration. Siamun scolded Seto, accusing him of insulting the pharaoh, but Atem accepted and the two engaged in another Diaha.

Ka used[edit]

User Ka
Seto Duos
Shada Zerua
Mahado Magus of Illusion
Isis Spiria
Akhenaden Dark Ushebti
Kalim Desert Trapdoor Spider