Crimson Crisis

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Crimson Crisis
Crimson Crisis
  • Crimson Crisis
FrenchLa Crise Écarlate
GermanCrimson Crisis
ItalianCrisi Scarlatta
SpanishCrisis Carmesi
RōmajiKurimuzon Kuraishisu
Korean심홍의 위기
Revised RomanizationSimhong-ui Wigi
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
Part of seriesCore Booster
  • CRMS-EN (en)
  • CRMS-FR (fr)
  • CRMS-DE (de)
  • CRMS-IT (it)
  • CRMS-SP (sp)
  • CRMS-JP (jp)
  • CRMS-AE (ae)
  • CRMS-KR (kr)
Order number603
Number of cards
  • 80 (OCG)
  • 100 (TCG)
Cover cardRed Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
Yugioh-Card database ID
Related sets
Sneak PeekCrimson Crisis Sneak Peek Participation Card
2-pack setCrimson Crisis 2-Pack Set
Special EditionCrimson Crisis: Special Edition
Release dates
  • November 15, 2008
Asian-EnglishApril 16, 2009
English (na)
  • March 3, 2009
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • March 3, 2009
  • May 18, 2009

Crimson Crisis

Crimson Crisis is a Core Booster in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the third Core Booster of Series 6. It is followed by Raging Battle.

This set's Sneak Peek event and English release in America was originally delayed due to the Konami and Upper Deck legal dispute. The Sneak Peek event was originally scheduled for February 7–8, 2009.[1] However, it was finally released approaching March 10, 2009. During release, the set was shown at a Sneak Preview in both Europe and America by Upper Deck International and Konami Digital Entertainment.

In the TCG, this set became legal for premier events on March 7, 2009.[2]



In the Japanese version there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box.

The OCG set includes 80 cards. This is comprised of:

In the TCG there are 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The set contains 100 cards or 111 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
CRMS-EN000"Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode"Secret RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN001"Turret Warrior"Super RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN002"Debris Dragon"RareEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN003"Hyper Synchron"RareEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN004"Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
Effect Monster
CRMS-EN005"Trap Eater"CommonEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN006"Twin-Sword Marauder"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN007"Dark Tinker"CommonEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN008"Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind"RareEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN009"Blackwing - Bora the Spear"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN010"Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN011"Twilight Rose Knight"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN012"Summon Reactor・SK"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN013"Trap Reactor・Y FI"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN014"Spell Reactor・RE"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN015"Black Salvo"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN016"Flying Fortress SKY FIRE"RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN017"Morphtronic Boarden"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN018"Morphtronic Slingen"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN019"Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CRMS-EN020"Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CRMS-EN021"Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CRMS-EN022"Arcane Apprentice"RareEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN023"Assault Mercenary"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN024"Assault Beast"RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN025"Night Wing Sorceress"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN026"Lifeforce Harmonizer"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CRMS-EN027"Gladiator Beast Samnite"RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN028"Dupe Frog"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN029"Flip Flop Frog"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN030"B.E.S. Big Core MK-2"RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN031"Inmato"RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN032"Scanner"Super RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN033"Dimension Fortress Weapon"Super RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN034"Desert Protector"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN035"Cross-Sword Beetle"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN036"Bee List Soldier"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN037"Hydra Viper"Short PrintEffect Monster
CRMS-EN038"Alien Overlord"RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN039"Alien Ammonite"RareEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN040"Dark Strike Fighter"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
CRMS-EN041"Blackwing Armor Master"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CRMS-EN042"Hyper Psychic Blaster"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CRMS-EN043"Arcanite Magician"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
CRMS-EN044"Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CRMS-EN045"Prevention Star"CommonEquip Spell
CRMS-EN046"Vengeful Servant"CommonEquip Spell
CRMS-EN047"Star Blast"RareNormal Spell
CRMS-EN048"Raptor Wing Strike"CommonNormal Spell
CRMS-EN049"Morphtronic Rusty Engine"CommonEquip Spell
CRMS-EN050"Morphtronic Map"CommonField Spell
CRMS-EN051"Assault Overload"CommonQuick-Play Spell
CRMS-EN052"Assault Teleport"CommonNormal Spell
CRMS-EN053"Assault Revival"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell
CRMS-EN054"Psychic Sword"CommonEquip Spell
CRMS-EN055"Telekinetic Power Well"CommonQuick-Play Spell
CRMS-EN056"Indomitable Gladiator Beast"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell
CRMS-EN057"Seed Cannon"CommonContinuous Spell
CRMS-EN058"Super Solar Nutrient"CommonContinuous Spell
CRMS-EN059"Six Scrolls of the Samurai"CommonQuick-Play Spell
CRMS-EN060"Verdant Sanctuary"CommonContinuous Spell
CRMS-EN061"Arcane Barrier"RareContinuous Spell
CRMS-EN062"Mysterious Triangle"CommonQuick-Play Spell
CRMS-EN063"Assault Mode Activate"CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN064"Spirit Force"Super RareNormal Trap
CRMS-EN065"Descending Lost Star"CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN066"Shining Silver Force"RareCounter Trap
CRMS-EN067"Half or Nothing"CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN068"Nightmare Archfiends"Short PrintNormal Trap
CRMS-EN069"Ebon Arrow"CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN070"Ivy Shackles"CommonContinuous Trap
CRMS-EN071"Fake Explosion"CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN072"Morphtronic Forcefield"CommonCounter Trap
CRMS-EN073"Morphtronic Mix-up"CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN074"Assault Slash"CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN075"Assault Counter"CommonCounter Trap
CRMS-EN076"Psychic Tuning"RareContinuous Trap
CRMS-EN077"Supernatural Regeneration" (as "Metaphysical Regeneration")CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN078"Trojan Gladiator Beast"CommonNormal Trap
CRMS-EN079"Wall of Thorns"RareNormal Trap
CRMS-EN080"Planet Pollutant Virus"RareNormal Trap
CRMS-EN081"Dark Voltanis"Secret RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN082"Prime Material Falcon"Secret RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN083"Bone Crusher"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CRMS-EN084"Alien Kid"Super RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN085"Totem Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN086"Royal Swamp Eel"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
CRMS-EN087"Submarine Frog"CommonEffect Monster
CRMS-EN088"Code A Ancient Ruins"Super RareContinuous Spell
CRMS-EN089"Synchro Change"RareNormal Spell
CRMS-EN090"Multiply"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
CRMS-EN091"Makiu, the Magical Mist"RareNormal Spell
CRMS-EN092"Assault Armor"RareEquip Spell
CRMS-EN093"Puppet King"Secret RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN094"Zeta Reticulant"Secret RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN095"Tethys, Goddess of Light"Secret RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN096"Ido the Supreme Magical Force"Secret RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN097"Violet Witch"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CRMS-EN098"Greed Quasar"Secret RareEffect Monster
CRMS-EN099"Armoroid"Super RareEffect Monster

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