Sneak Peek Participation Cards

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Sneak Peek Participation Cards
Sneak Peek Participation Cards
Set information
TypeParticipation card
Part of seriesSneak Peek Participation Cards
  • SP1
  • SP2
  • SP02

Sneak Peek participation cards are participation cards given to participants at TCG Sneak Peek events.

They were first available at Sneak Peak events for Flaming Eternity held on February 26–27, 2005 and continued until the Sneak Peek events for Ignition Assault held on January 25, 2020. Starting with Eternity Code, Sneak Peek events have been replaced by Premiere! events, where the promotional cards are not given to all participants.

Card availability[edit]

From Flaming Eternity to Cyberdark Impact, the Sneak Peek participation cards are Ultra Rare. From Flaming Eternity to Enemy of Justice, the Sneak Peak promotional cards were also available as Shonen Jump promotional cards in the TCG with the exact same Card Number and rarity; the Power of the Duelist participation card was exclusively available as the Sneak Peek card in the TCG; and the Cyberdark Impact participation card was available as a Common with a different Card Number in Cyberdark Impact itself.

From Strike of Neos to Raging Battle, the Sneak Peek participation cards are Super Rare. These cards are all TCG world premiere cards, that are also available as Card Number 000 in the main set in a different rarity.

From Ancient Prophecy to Circuit Break, the Sneak Peek participation cards are Ultra Rare. These cards are all TCG world premiere cards, that are also available as Card Number 000 in the main set in a different rarity.

From Extreme Force to Ignition Assault, the Sneak Peek participation cards are Ultra Rare. These cards are also available in the main set in both the TCG and OCG in a different rarity (except the Cybernetic Horizon Sneak Peek participation card, which is only in Cybernetic Horizon in TCG, as Card Number 000).



Sneak Peek Participation Cards

Card numberNameRarityCategorySet
SP1-EN001"Cyber Harpie Lady"Ultra RareEffect MonsterFlaming Eternity
SP1-EN002"Amazoness Chain Master"Ultra RareEffect MonsterThe Lost Millennium
SP1-EN003"Embodiment of Apophis"Ultra RareContinuous TrapCybernetic Revolution
SP1-EN004"Exchange of the Spirit"Ultra RareNormal TrapElemental Energy
SP2-EN001"Ancient Lamp"Ultra RareEffect MonsterShadow of Infinity
SP2-EN002"Toon Dark Magician Girl"Ultra RareToon monsterEnemy of Justice
SP02-EN003"Hidden Soldiers"Ultra RareNormal TrapPower of the Duelist
SP02-EN004"Justi-Break"Ultra RareNormal TrapCyberdark Impact
STON-ENSP1"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai"Super RareEffect MonsterStrike of Neos
FOTB-ENSP1"Volcanic Rocket"Super RareEffect MonsterForce of the Breaker
TAEV-ENSP1"Gemini Summoner"Super RareEffect MonsterTactical Evolution
GLAS-ENSP1"Gladiator Beast Octavius"Super RareEffect MonsterGladiator's Assault
PTDN-ENSP1"Dark Grepher"Super RareEffect MonsterPhantom Darkness
LODT-ENSP1"Guardian of Order"Super RareEffect MonsterLight of Destruction
TDGS-ENSP1"Avenging Knight Parshath"Super RareEffect Synchro MonsterThe Duelist Genesis
CSOC-ENSP1"Rose, Warrior of Revenge"Super RareEffect Tuner monsterCrossroads of Chaos
CRMS-ENSP1"Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode"Super RareEffect MonsterCrimson Crisis
RGBT-ENSP1"Battlestorm"Super RareEffect MonsterRaging Battle
ANPR-ENSP1"XX-Saber Gardestrike"Ultra RareEffect MonsterAncient Prophecy
SOVR-ENSP1"Koa'ki Meiru Beetle"Ultra RareEffect MonsterStardust Overdrive
ABPF-ENSP1"Gravekeeper's Priestess"Ultra RareEffect MonsterAbsolute Powerforce
TSHD-ENSP1"XX-Saber Boggart Knight"Ultra RareEffect MonsterThe Shining Darkness
DREV-ENSP1"Scrap Archfiend"Ultra RareSynchro MonsterDuelist Revolution
STBL-ENSP1"Archfiend Empress"Ultra RareEffect MonsterStarstrike Blast
STOR-ENSP1"Vortex the Whirlwind"Ultra RareEffect Synchro MonsterStorm of Ragnarok
EXVC-ENSP1"Reborn Tengu"Ultra RareEffect MonsterExtreme Victory
GENF-ENSP1"Xyz Veil"Ultra RareContinuous TrapGeneration Force
PHSW-ENSP1"Alexandrite Dragon"Ultra RareNormal MonsterPhoton Shockwave
ORCS-ENSP1"Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk"Ultra RareEquip SpellOrder of Chaos
GAOV-ENSP1"Noble Knight Artorigus"Ultra RareNormal MonsterGalactic Overlord
REDU-ENSP1"Noble Knight Gawayn"Ultra RareEffect MonsterReturn of the Duelist
ABYR-ENSP1"Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn"Ultra RareEffect MonsterAbyss Rising
CBLZ-ENSP1"Noble Arms - Caliburn"Ultra RareEquip SpellCosmo Blazer
LTGY-ENSP1"Mecha Phantom Beast Turtletracer"Ultra RareEffect MonsterLord of the Tachyon Galaxy
JOTL-ENSP1"Galaxy Serpent"Ultra RareNormal Tuner monsterJudgment of the Light
SHSP-ENSP1"Ghostrick Ghoul"Ultra RareEffect MonsterShadow Specters
LVAL-ENSP1"Sylvan Bladefender"Ultra RareEffect MonsterLegacy of the Valiant
PRIO-ENSP1"Artifact Scythe"Ultra RareEffect MonsterPrimal Origin
DUEA-ENSP1"Dragon Horn Hunter"Ultra RareNormal Pendulum MonsterDuelist Alliance
NECH-ENSP1"Lancephorhynchus"Ultra RareNormal Pendulum MonsterThe New Challengers
SECE-ENSP1"Dragoons of Draconia"Ultra RareNormal Pendulum MonsterSecrets of Eternity
CROS-ENSP1"Sea Dragoons of Draconia"Ultra RareNormal Pendulum MonsterCrossed Souls
CORE-ENSP1"Sky Dragoons of Draconia"Ultra RareNormal Pendulum MonsterClash of Rebellions
DOCS-ENSP1"Samurai Cavalry of Reptier"Ultra RareEffect Pendulum MonsterDimension of Chaos
BOSH-ENSP1"Steel Cavalry of Dinon"Ultra RareEffect Pendulum MonsterBreakers of Shadow
SHVI-ENSP1"Magical Cavalry of Cxulub"Ultra RareEffect Pendulum MonsterShining Victories
TDIL-ENSP1"Magical Something"Ultra RareEffect MonsterThe Dark Illusion
INOV-ENSP1"Space Dragster"Ultra RareContinuous TrapInvasion: Vengeance
RATE-ENSP1"Fusion Recycling Plant"Ultra RareField SpellRaging Tempest
MACR-ENSP1"Pendulum Switch"Ultra RareContinuous TrapMaximum Crisis
COTD-ENSP1"Vendread Houndhorde"Ultra RareEffect MonsterCode of the Duelist
CIBR-ENSP1"Hallohallo"Ultra RareNormal Tuner Pendulum MonsterCircuit Break
EXFO-ENSP1"World Legacy Scars"Ultra RareField SpellExtreme Force
FLOD-ENSP1"Monster Reborn Reborn"Ultra RareNormal SpellFlames of Destruction
CYHO-ENSP1"Contact Gate‎"Ultra RareNormal SpellCybernetic Horizon
SOFU-ENSP1"Token Collector‎‎"Ultra RareEffect MonsterSoul Fusion
SAST-ENSP1"Shiranui Squiresaga‎‎‎"Ultra RareEffect Synchro MonsterSavage Strike
DANE-ENSP1"Amphibious Swarmship Amblowhale‎"Ultra RareEffect Link MonsterDark Neostorm
RIRA-ENSP1"Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty‎"Ultra RareEffect MonsterRising Rampage
CHIM-ENSP1"Gladiator Beast Vespasius‎‎"Ultra RareEffect MonsterChaos Impact
IGAS-ENSP1"Sky Striker Maneuver - Scissors Cross‎‎"Ultra RareNormal SpellIgnition Assault