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When logging in on Yugipedia, you are given the option to use the username and password for your FANDOM ( account, which will import it automatically. Doing this has several advantages over creating a new account:

  • Your user preferences will be imported, so you don't have to change them again (though you may still like to adjust your preferences after importing, since there are a number of differences in site functionality between FANDOM and Yugipedia).
  • You can continue to use your account name from FANDOM. Note that it is not possible to register an account with the same name as an account registered on FANDOM; the account must be imported. Outside of exceptional circumstances, staff here will not rename an account to usurp a FANDOM account either.
  • If you made any edits to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia which were imported to Yugipedia (you can check by visiting Special:Contributions and typing in your FANDOM username before importing your account), they will be attributed to your account.

After importing, it is recommended for you to change your password, both on FANDOM and on Yugipedia, and to use a different password on each site.

If your FANDOM account has been renamed, and there are edits imported under your old username, a staff member will have to rename your account here for the edits to be attributed to it. Please post on the admin noticeboard with details of your old username in this case.

Lastly, keep in mind that staff here cannot help with FANDOM account issues. If your account was blocked on FANDOM, or you are having trouble logging in on FANDOM, you should use the Special:Contact form on FANDOM, or email


Account imports are not instant. If you're getting an error message saying "Auto-creation of a local account failed: An account creation for this user name is already in progress. Please wait.", that means your account is already in the process of being imported.
This will take a while. You can check Special:Log/newusers to see if your account has been successfully imported yet.
Once your account is listed there, try to log in. If it says the password you're using is incorrect, request a new one by email. You'll be sent an email containing a new password (note that the email might end up in your spam/junk folder). Then, use that password and you're in! You can then change your password on your preferences.
If you're still having trouble, please contact us on Discord or leave a message on an administrator's talk page. Happy editing!