Ancient (archetype)

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"Ancient Gear Soldier" driving the "Ancient Gear Tank"
  • 古代のアンティーク
  • 古代の (base)
  • アンティーク (ruby)
  • Antīku (romanized)
  • Antique (translated)

Anime appearances

"Ancient", known as "Antique" (古代のアンティーク Antīku) in Japan, is an anime-only archetype of Machine monsters.

This archetype is solely supported by the anime effect of "Ancient Gear Tank". It encompasses the anime-only sub-archetypes "Ancient Gear" because they have 「古代の機械アンティーク・ギア」 in their Japanese names, but not the TCG/OCG "Ancient Gear" archetype which have 「アンティーク・ギア」 instead.