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OCG Rulings

Q&A Rulings

  • Q: "SPYRAL Super Agent" and "SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort" are face-up in my Monster Zone. In this situation, I activate the effect of "SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort" that equips it to another "SPYRAL" monster on my field, targeting my "SPYRAL Super Agent". If my opponent chains "Enemy Controller" and takes control of "SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort", how does its effect resolve?
A: When resolving the effect of "SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort" that you activated, if your opponent has taken control of it, it cannot be equipped and remains in your opponent's Monster Zone.[1]
A: The effect of "SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort" that allows the equipped monster to attack directly will be applied to the equipped monster during the turn it was used. Therefore, if "SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort" is destroyed afterward, it is no longer equipped to a monster, so the effect is not applied. (In this scenario, "SPYRAL Super Agent" cannot attack directly with that effect.)[2]
A: In this scenario, if "SPYRAL Super Agent" is changed to face-down Defense Position after the effect of "SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort" was applied, it can no longer attack directly with that effect. (Even if it is flipped face-up again that turn, it cannot attack directly using the effect of "SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort".)[3]