Card Tips:Hazy Glory

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  • Use this card as a target for Inzektor Exa-Beetle's effect, and then chain its quick effect to send it to the grave as a cost, and retrieve a Hazy card, while eliminating an opponent's card.
  • This card is designed to help Hazy Flame users overlay into Hazy Flame Basiltrice after a failed attempt.
    • Hazy Glory's second effect allows you to recycle Hazy Flame Peryton without the use of Hazy Flame Sphynx despite Peryton's summoning restrictions.
    • Use its first effect to help Hazy Flame monsters in your hand to swarm the field. Then use its second effect to add Hazy Flame Peryton to your hand.
  • If you have any "Hazy" cards in your Graveyard upon setting this, activate it ASAP on your opponent's next turn; if they try to destroy it by a card effect, you can simply use this card's effect to add a "Hazy" card to your hand instead, wasting your opponent's destruction card.
  • Once you've sent this card to the graveyard via its effect, you can use Hazy Pillar's 2nd effect to make immediate use of the monster added to the hand. In a sense, this combo allows Hazy Pillar to briefly dip into your graveyard for its 2nd effect, rather than just the hand or the field.
  • Use this card in place of Hazy Pillar until you activate Hazy Pillar. Then get rid of it using its 2nd effect to free up your spell/trap zones.