Card Trivia:Dromi the Sacred Shackles

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  • "Raging Sacred Curse", this card and "Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir" are based in the fetters that the Nordic Gods prepared for Fenrir (Leyding, Dromi and Gleipnir)
  • Dromi was one of the fetters (shackles) prepared for Fenrir. After Leyding broke, the gods made a second fetter, twice as strong, and named it Dromi. The gods asked Fenrir to try the new fetter, and that should he break this feat of engineering, Fenrir would achieve great fame for his strength. Fenrir considered that the fetter was very strong, yet also that his strength had grown since he broke Leyding, yet that he would have to take some risks if he were to become famous. Fenrir allowed them to place the fetter. When the Æsir exclaimed that they were ready, Fenrir shook himself, knocked the fetter to ground, strained hard, and kicking with his feet, snapped the fetter – breaking it into pieces that flew far into the distance. High says that, as a result, to "loose from Leyding" or to "strike out of Dromi" have become sayings for when something is achieved with great effort.