Card Trivia:That Wacky Alchemy!

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  • This card art seems to show a sequence of events with "Quick Booster" and "That Wacky Magic!":
    1. In "That Wacky Alchemy!", "Alchemist of Black Spells" aggressively casts a destruction effect in response to a rival's Spell Card use (represented as the Spell Counter) while "Magicat" and "Magidog" panic at the damage that Spell Card has done.
    2. In "Quick Booster", "Alchemist of Black Spells" seeks to repair the damage done to his own power from the loss of a Spell Card (again, represented as a Spell Counter) through the risky action of powering his device with "Type Zero Magic Crusher" and suffering pain if he makes a mistake.
    3. In "That Wacky Magic!", "Tempest Magician" in a desperate act, reuses spent Spell Cards (shown as Spell Counters) to fuel an explosive attack while "Magicat" and "Magidog" watch in horror at the pain it is causing "Tempest Magician" to cast this spell.
  • The card's text has a typographical error in which "target" is capitalized when it shouldn't as it is not the beginning of the sentence or the first letter following a colon in the Problem-Solving Card Text format.
    • Most likely, the words "You can" are incorrectly inserted in there, as it is odd for a non-Continuous Trap Card to have those words (exception being cards like "Thunder of Ruler").