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Dr. Who[edit]

This card is not a reference to Dr. Who. Its original name from the Japanese version is "Time Jinn Necrolancer", which doesn't mention "Timelord", so whoever created the card didn't intend for there to be a Dr. Who reference. It's unlikely that the English translators intended to include a Dr. Who reference. If they did, they would have made it "Time Lord", since the Dr. Who race is two words.

I don't quite get why you're pointing out the lore not saying that it travels through time is the only difference.

(And why is the article mentioning what channel it is shown on in America? It should mention the BBC itself, who produce the show, not specifically their American branch.)

Regardless of the last two points, I don't think this a reference to Dr. Who. "Time" and "Lord" are two common words. It's not unlikely that more than one person decided to combine them. As you can see on Wikipedia it has been used for different things a number of times outside of Dr. Who. -- Deltaneos (talk) 18:30, June 19, 2010 (UTC)