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"'''Adamatia'''" (Japanese: {{Ruby|魔救|アダマシア}} ''Adamashia'') is an [[archetype]] of [[Rock]] [[monsters]] which debuts in [[Deck Build Pack: Secret Slayers]].It is a Synchro Archetype comprised of mostly Level 4 monsters of different attributes and two Level 2 EARTH monsters
'''Adamatia''' is divided into a few sub-groups. The main third of monsters, simply called Adamatia, are explorers of the caves. These are Level 4 EARTH monsters that allow to excavate the top 5 cards of the Deck and Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Rock from The second is the Adamatia Crysta, three level 4 Rock monsters of FIRE, WATER, and WIND Attributes with 0 ATK and 2200 DEF. The final third are the Adamatia Rise monsters, Synchro versions of the Adamatia Crystas.
==Playing style==
The '''Adamatia''' theme revolves around Synchro Summoning and excavating the top cards of your Deck to summon Level 4 or lower Rock monsters.
===Recommended cards===
{{Decklist|Recommended cards
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|effect monsters =
* [[Adamatia Crysta - Dragite]]
* [[Adamatia Crysta - Leonite]]
* [[Adamatia Crysta - Raptite]]
|tuner monsters =
* [[Adamatia Analyzer]]
* [[Adamatia Researcher]]
* [[Adamatia Seeker]]
|synchro monsters =
* [[Adamatia Rise - Dragite]]
* [[Adamatia Rise - Leonite]]
* [[Adamatia Rise - Raptite]]
|spells =
* [[Adamatia Laputite]]
* [[Adamatia Sign]]
|traps =
* [[Adamatia Relieve]]
* [[Adamatia Resonance]]
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