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- "Therefore, you cannot counter "Negate Attack", "Magic Jammer", "Trap Jammer" or "Magic Drain" with "Royal Decree"."

    So, does this mean that you cant activate it while a Counter Trap is in the Chain, or a Face-up Royal Decree will not counter a counter trap? Sabre Knight 21:22, 29 August 2008 (UTC)

You cannot activate Royal Decree in a chain after a counter trap because it is a spell speed 2, and the next card added to a chain must be the same speed or higher then the previous one. If Royal Decree is already active on the field then all other traps, regardless of spell speed, have their effects negated. If you activate Royal Decree and someone chains another card to it, such as Solemn Judgment or Reckless Greed, then the last card activated is resolved first and would not be stopped with Royal Decree. If you chain Royal Decree to an opponents card such as Mirror Force then your Royal Decree resolves first in the chain and Mirror Force's effect is negated. Hope this helped-- 21:26, 17 August 2009 (UTC)

Does this page really need to list dozens upon dozens of Counter Trap Card examples?


what are the rulings on when exactly you can use such cards as trap stun. because people use them during the stanby phase. and can you chain your own cards? like torrental tribute, then as a chain activate interdemensional matter transporter, to remove from play your own monster than bring him back during the end phase? its confusing

The Fabled Unicore?[edit]

Considering the fact that The Fabled Unicore can negate Counter Trap cards, does that mean that The Fabled Unicore's effect is Spell Speed 3?