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{{episode}} is used to create pre-formatted links to articles on anime episodes.

In the event that the extension Semantic MediaWiki gets disabled, this template has fallback outputs that are different than desired, but don't contain broken code.


{{episode|series name|episode number}}

This is used to provided the name of the episode, linked to its article.

{{episode|series name|episode number|ref}}

This will produce the name of the episode in reference format, including a link to its article.

{{episode|series name|episode number|number}}

This will produce the number of the episode, linked to its article.


Input Output
{{episode|Yu-Gi-Oh! GX|1}} "The Next King of Games"
{{episode|Yu-Gi-Oh! GX|1|ref}} Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 1: "The Next King of Games"
{{episode|Yu-Gi-Oh! GX|1|number}} 1

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