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{{Gallery card names}} adds a link to a card as well as its name in the requested language. It is intended to be used in galleries for sets, episodes, and chapters, and possibly elsewhere. This template should not be used on galleries for English card images, since there is no non-English name to be displayed on them.


The template takes two parameters. The first parameter is always the name of the card's article, and the second parameter is the ISO 639 language code for the desired language. If the card's English name includes an octothorpe (#), the octothorpe can be included in the input, or omitted.

Code Result
{{Gallery card names|Dark Magician|it}} "Dark Magician"
Mago Nero
{{Gallery card names|Monster Reborn (anime)|ja}} "Monster Reborn"
{{Gallery card names|Jinzo 7|fr}} "Jinzo #7"
Jinzo N°7
{{Gallery card names|Jinzo #7|fr}} "Jinzo #7"
Jinzo N°7
{{Gallery card names|B.eye White Dragon (DM1)|ja}} "B.eye White Dragon"
{{Gallery card names|Winged Dragon #1 (DM1)|ja}} "Winged Dragon #1"

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