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The German name given is not official.
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This template should be added to the top of articles on cards which contain one or more unofficial names (that is, card pages which list unofficial translations of the card's name), per the guidelines at Yu-Gi-Oh!:Arabic card names guidelines. It takes a comma-delimited list of language names.

{{Unofficial name|Arabic}}
results in
The Arabic name given is not official.
{{Unofficial name|Arabic, Chinese}}
results in
The Arabic and Chinese names given are not official.
{{Unofficial name|Italian, Portuguese, Thai}}
results in
The Italian, Portuguese and Thai names given are not official.

Order of the languages generally doesn't matter, but for maintenance reasons, alphabetical sorting is preferred.

This template automatically categorizes pages into subcategories of Category:Card pages with an unofficial name. The following languages are currently supported (note that not all corresponding categories may exist yet):

Unsupported languages are displayed as entered and cause the page to be categorized under Category:Card pages with a nonstandard unofficial name. Support for additional languages is added on request on the talk page or as encountered during deployment.


This template and {{Unofficial lore}} are implemented using the {{Unofficial name or lore}} metatemplate.

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