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Receives a list of rarities. By default, it will print them with their full terminology, linked, one in each line.

Receives two unnamed parameter
1: A list of rarities separated by a comma (,). Not case sensitive (see {{R}} for more info). Defaults to Common.
2: A separator. In case there are two or more rarities, they will be outputted separated by the argument given to this parameter. Optional parameter.
Receives three named parameters
abbr: By default, the rarities are outputted with their full terminology (e.g., Super Rare); If this parameter is filled (with, for instance 1 or yes), the rarities will be outputted abbreviated (e.g., SR). Optional parameter.
space: By default, there will be no spaces around the delimiter; This optional parameter serves to add said space. There are three possible keywords for this parameter:
  • left, which will add a space at the left of the delimiter;
  • right, which will add a space at the right of the delimiter;
  • both, which will add a space at both the left and the right of the delimiter.
link: If set to no / none / off / false / 0, the rarities will not be linked when outputted. Optional.


Input {{:User:Becasita/SubPages/Templates/ProcessRarities|C, r, sCR, utr}}
Output Common
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Input {{:User:Becasita/SubPages/Templates/ProcessRarities| UPR, DNPR | / | space=both }}
Output Ultra Parallel Rare / Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare
Input {{:User:Becasita/SubPages/Templates/ProcessRarities| GScR, SP | , | space=right }}
Output Gold Secret Rare, Short Print
Input {{:User:Becasita/SubPages/Templates/ProcessRarities| Normal Rare, Not a rarity, PlScR | ;<br /> | abbr=yes }}
Output NR;
Input {{:User:Becasita/SubPages/Templates/ProcessRarities| C, SP, SSP | or | space=both | link = none }}
Output Common or Short Print or Super Short Print