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Hi I am a hard core duelist and have been one since an ex brought back a big box of Bandai Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from Japan, I have since switched to the Konami cards and have never looked back since their version promoted better game play and a better thought out structure. I still understand i have much to learn about dueling however i am up to date on my rulings and I am a competitive duelist and have been to nationals dozens of times and been to worlds twice, however once was as a spectator. I would be all to happy to help anyone with deck building issues etc. but not meta decks as they have all the help they need they are not getting any more from me, I love to see original and unique deck ideas and those who tend to favor similar cards over archetypes. I am currently working on 2 decks a Photon/Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck and a Dark Blade deck which are both scarily good considering the lack of archetypes besides Blue-eyes and photon

I am not complaining or anything i like archetypes and everything but I'm from way back in the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh! when getting out dark magician onto your field was enough to win a duel (I'm not saying i liked it that way better than now I'm just saying the game has evolved) but now it just seems like the one with the most of a certain archetype wins (Black wings/ six samurais/ x-sabers etc.) again not saying i hate archetypes because i don't but its taken a lot of fun out of deck building it just feels like most people just piggy back from archetypes to make their decks (again I'm not arguing with results it works and i do it as much as the next person ) but the best thing for me and this is just my opinion i like to take splash-able cards and use them to make a deck that works and i love to see people with skill making decks that are unique and work well, again not saying people whom use archetypes lack skill because its not true its not a stab at the duelists per say more an observation that Konami are sending the message that only people who use archetypes win, but i agree it is true for most top tier decks, can't argue with results can we.

ive been making fan cards for a while and this is one of them