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Long time no see!!!!!!!!!

I've got redicilously bored so I've decided to write this whole page from the beginning. Let the gamez begin!

I'm basicly an odd and funny person, so you will find some amusing stuff here. And if we are already talking about me, then let's just state that I'm an Anime-Otaku.

Like before, I use sarcasm and jap names. Sorry if I have some mistakes with some names (RB's full name for example). And I had enough from those *** snakes on this *** plane!!!! (Talking about links)

Favourite characters are listed in random order. If it was in the original order, then........ it won't change much (The only change probably will be this one: Female characters on the top).

Yu-Gi-Oh! Stuff[edit]


What did you expect? That I, the great Diehard_Guy will watch something I hate? Let's start with 5D's chars K?

  1. Being very original - Yusei Fudo.
  2. Even more original - JACK ATLUS
  3. The most original - Aki Izayoi
  4. Kiryu Kyousuke - Mad killer disease
  5. Misty Lola - lol + Model "a" = Lola , Miss + Tea = Misty. Just because of the naming.
  6. Rudger Godwin - Bommer strugler
  7. Rex Godwin - He is just awsome
  8. Placido - "It's for Placido" ~(Bloody) Mary from "Everyone loves..... Someone....." (Rei or something)
  9. Lucciano - Luciano Bradly (Code Geass) + C.C. (Code Geass) + some random tenor + Kids = Skiel Revenge (Crazy Yom Kipur)
  10. Jose - A real mexican hero (Family Guy referance)
  11. Bruno (Not the gay guy) - Dark Glass is awsome (Not as Rex)
  12. Sherry Lablanc - French Fries
  13. Carly Nagisa (Even after falling into the "Purple Cloud" LOLZ) - She is hilarious
  14. *Looking around* Crow Hogan *looking around again* - Your friendly carrot head

And many more.

Non-Favourites A.K.A Douchebags[edit]

Again 5D's only.

  1. Lazar - Creepy, narcissist ugly clown. His name should have been "Lugy". Ylliaster should have killed him and make a Robo-Jaeger or something instead of him.

That's..........odd, I thought it will be longer.


Coming soon.........Maybe

Code Geass stuff[edit]


  1. Lelouch vi Britannia - Anyone who watched this show knows how AWSOME he is.
  2. Suzaku Kururugi - Awsome-nessssssssssssssssssssssss.
  3. Kallen Stadtfeld - Best. Supporting. Character. Ever.
  4. Rolo vi Britannia (In Nightmare of Nunnaly, he is a twin brother to Lelouch) - Have the best Geass in the show in my opinion.
  5. C.C. - Female me.
  6. Zino Weinberg - Care-free people are always funny.
  7. Orange - Cyberman

And many more.


NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This anime is 100% awsome-ness.......

Wait a sec........

Charlz....Charl......What his face Zi Britannia, V.V., Luciano Bradly, Viletta, Ohgi...Oogi....Oggi....what his face number 2.

OK 92.33% awsome-ness.



Genbu, Kirihara.....

Okay, it's not perfect..... But it is still good (Over 50%.... I hope)

darn Tamaki and the Four "Holy Blades" (Holy Blades my *****)


A famous PS2 game. Sometimes causes something (Some kind of disease or something)


  1. Grave, A.K.A. Brandon Heat
  2. Juji Kabane (Or Kugashira)
  3. Rocketbilly Redcadillac (RB)
  4. Bunji Kugashira
  5. Don't hit me - Mika Asagi



  1. Spike
  2. Garino
  3. Don Something AKA Garino's dad
  4. Harry McDonald's or something
  5. Flamingo or something (Big ugly cannon guy, not Zell, the other one).....

Shadow Hearts (Mostly 2)[edit]

Another PS2 Game...............The game with the most unique battle-system - The Judgement Ring


  1. Uru (Yuri) Hyuga
  2. Karen (Karin) Koenig
  3. Alice Elliot
  4. Blanca
  5. Kurando Inugami
  6. Jinpachiro Hyuga - For giving the Dark Seraphim


  1. Joachim - HATE THIS GAY GUY
  2. Lucia - Useless
  3. Geppetto - Only I find him odd? He travels with a doll of a 6 year old! He also dresses it!!!! Pedophile alert
  4. Lenny Curtis - This coward suddenly is a good guy! What a hypocrit!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Veronica - Wh*r*
  6. Rasputin - mad....and not in the good way
  7. What her face with the pictures - Who the hell she thinks herself? She isn't real!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Roger Bacon - Pervy old guy..... I wanted to name him in so many funny names...........("That fag ass", "pervy", "E.T." etc.)
  9. Kato - Loser
  10. 3 Apes - Apes..... Don't even bother me with Ohka..... I hate her the most.

Disgaea 2[edit]

PS2 Game... You know the drill...Awsome-ness....something......something.....Dark side.....something.......something......break the curse. The game with the Prinny!


  1. Adell - That gay guy who become straight for Rosely.
  2. Rosely (AKA Rosary, Rozalin) - for obvious reasons
  3. Akutare - Rock n' Roll!
  4. Yukimaru
  5. Taro
  7. Every Prinny in the game


  1. Akutare - see Condocock in ZX section
  2. Hanako - For bullying Taro
  3. Tink - Frog....
  4. Zenon - weaKKKKK


I will always remember the Zero Series this way: That blonde guy who helps that crazy blonde chick.

ZX will be remembered as the game which contains Helios


  1. X /Model X
  2. Zero /Model Z
  3. Axl (Synchro)/Model A and I do not give a darn on Albert
  4. Harpuia /Model H
  5. Fafnir /Model F
  6. Phantom /Model P
  7. Leviathan /Model L
  8. Craft
  9. OMEGA
  10. Vent
  11. Aile
  12. Girotte
  13. Ashe
  14. Grey
  15. Prometheus
  16. Pandora
  17. Helios
  18. Tethys
  19. Atlas
  20. Siarnaq


  1. Dr. Veil - Stubborn old fart
  2. Donald Duck AKA Serpent (Watch carefully after he fuses with Model V)
  3. Albert - for being a let down
  4. Condocock - Plays like cra*
  5. TEStacleRAT - Loser
  6. Bifrost - Doesn't deserve this cool name
  7. Kaisermine - drives me nuts
  8. Rosespark - He is gay.....Seriously.....
  9. Chronoforce - Fish
  10. Cat twins - let down
  11. Diaporn - racist boss, weak....even weaker than Tesrat
  12. ZX's Water bosses - easy to beat at lv4 victory
  13. ZX's Fire bosses - almost impossible to get lv4 victory
  14. ZX's Thunder bosses - I don't like them
  15. ZX's Non-Element bosses - UGLY

Mana Khemia 1+2[edit]

Probably the best PS2 games I ever played, right after Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant. Most of the characters in the game are walking lols


  1. Vain Aureolus
  2. Philomel Hartung
  3. Gunnar Damm
  4. Titil Mimi Nike Mele
  5. Loxis Rosenkranz
  6. Pamela Ibis
  7. Anna Laemmle
  8. Sulfur (Yeah I love the cat)
  9. Toni Eisler
  10. Lene Kier
  11. Rozeluxe Meitzen
  12. Liliane Vehlendorf
  13. Whim (Wanna fight about it?)
  14. Etward Dysler
  15. Yun & Corona
  16. Puni-Yo
  17. Ulrika Myberg & Uryu
  18. Chloe Hartog
  19. Enarsia Dysler (Enna)
  20. Rewrich Wallach
  21. Tetri
  22. Puni Brothers

Bags of the Douche[edit]

  1. Light Mana
  2. Dark Mana
  3. Peperoncino
  4. Goto
  5. Martha
  6. Muppy
  7. Sepple (=Zeppel)


I'll try to update tomorrow