Card Tips:Aerial Recharge

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  • This card easily triggers the effect of "Mecha Phantom Beast Megaraptor". Additionally, you can even activate this card's effect during your opponent's turn to increase "Megaraptor"'s (and your other "Mecha Phantom Beast" monsters) chances of survival.
    • If used correctly, this card will also allows you to greatly minimize the drawback of "Limiter Removal".
  • Always use this card's effect during your turn. While you have to Tribute a "Mecha Phantom Beast" or a Token during each End Phase, you can still Tribute the Token to keep this card around longer.
    • The safest moment to activate this card's effect is during the End Phase, so that you can generate Tokens and Tributing it during that same End Phase to keep this card on the field while also minimizing opponent's chances for interruption.
  • You can use this card to provide a free Tribute for "Swift Birdman Joe" and bounce it so it won't be destroyed.
  • Note that due to this card having a Quick-Like effect, you can activate its effect to summon a Token even during your opponent's turn.