Card Tips:Soul Strike

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  • "Dash Warrior" will get a massive power boost, in addition to his own effect, with this card.
  • After paying until you have 100 LP left through "The Winged Dragon of Ra", play this on Ra during the "Battle Phase" for an extra 3950 ATK. To make sure you still are safe for LP, play "Destruct Potion" on a monster you control with 1500 or more ATK.
  • You can use this card with cards that make/allow you to pay lifepoints, such as Backs to the Wall. Using that card, you would increase 1 monster's ATK by 3950.
  • This card would work well if used on Elemental Hero Air Neos. Since it already gains attack points from having lower lifepoints than your opponent, this card effect could boost its attack points even further.