Number C39: Utopia Ray

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This article is about the card. For the character, see Number C39: Utopia Ray (character). For the archetype, see Number C39: Utopia Ray (archetype).
Number C39: Utopia Ray
カオスNo.ナンバーズ39 ぼうおうホープレイ
CNo.39 希望皇ホープレイ
カオスナンバーズ39 きぼうおうホープレイ
Kaosu Nanbāzu Sanjūkyū Kibō'ō Hōpurei
Chaos Numbers 39: King of Wishes, Hope Ray
Card type Monster
Attribute LIGHT
Types Warrior / Xyz / Effect
Rank 4 Rank Star.svgRank Star.svgRank Star.svgRank Star.svg
ATK / DEF 2500 / 2000
Password 56840427
Effect types


3 Level 4 LIGHT monsters
You can also Xyz Summon this card by using a "Number 39: Utopia" you control as the Xyz Material. (Xyz Materials attached to that monster also become Xyz Materials on this card.) You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; it gains 500 ATK and 1 monster your opponent controls loses 1000 ATK, until the End Phase. You must have 1000 Life Points or less to activate and to resolve this effect.

English sets


2012-01-20ORCS-EN040Order of ChaosUltra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
2013-06-14YS13-EN042Super Starter: V for VictoryUltra Rare
2014-02-21SP14-EN022Star Pack 2014Common
Starfoil Rare

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Other languages

Language NameLore
French Numéro C39 : Rayon Utopie

3 monstres LUMIÈRE de Niveau 4
Vous pouvez aussi Invoquer par Xyz cette carte en utilisant "Numéro 39 : Utopie" que vous contrôlez comme le Matériel Xyz. (Les Matériels Xyz attachés au monstre deviennent aussi des Matériels Xyz de cette carte.) Vous pouvez détacher 1 Matériel Xyz de cette carte ; jusqu'à la End Phase, elle gagne 500 ATK et 1 monstre contrôlé par votre adversaire perd 1000 ATK. Vous devez avoir max. 1000 Life Points pour activer et résoudre cet effet.

German Nummer C39: Utopiastrahl

3 LICHT Monster der Stufe 4
Du kannst diese Karte auch als Xyz-Beschwörung beschwören, indem du eine „Nummer 39: Utopia“, die du kontrollierst, als Xyz-Material verwendest. (An das Monster angelegtes Xyz-Material wird auch zu Xyz-Material an dieser Karte.) Du kannst 1 Xyz-Material von dieser Karte abhängen; bis zur End Phase erhält sie 500 ATK und 1 Monster, das dein Gegner kontrolliert, verliert 1000 ATK. Du musst 1000 Life Points oder weniger haben, um diesen Effekt zu aktivieren und aufzulösen.

Italian Numero C39: Raggio Utopia

3 mostri LUCE di Livello 4
Puoi anche Evocare Xyz questa carta utilizzando un "Numero 39: Utopia" che controlli come unico Materiale Xyz. (I Materiali Xyz attaccati a quel mostro diventano Materiali Xyz anche su questa carta.) Puoi staccare 1 Materiale Xyz da questa carta; essa guadagna 500 ATK e 1 mostro controllato dal tuo avversario perde 1000 ATK fino alla End Phase. Devi avere 1000 Life Point o meno per attivare e risolvere questo effetto.

Portuguese Número C39: Raio Utopia

3 monstros de LUZ de Nível 4
Você também pode Invocar este card por Invocação-Xyz ao usar um "Número 39: Utopia" que você controla como Matéria Xyz. (Matérias Xyz associadas a esse monstro também se tornam Matéria Xyz neste card.) Você pode desassociar 1 Matéria Xyz deste card; ele ganha 500 de ATK e 1 monstro que seu oponente controla perde 1000 de ATK até a Final Final. Você deve ter 1000 Pontos de Vida ou menos para ativar e resolver este efeito.

Spanish Número C39: Rayo Utopía

3 monstruos de LUZ de Nivel 4
También puedes Invocar Xyz a esta carta usando un "Número 39: Utopía" que controles como Material Xyz. (Los Materiales Xyz acoplados a ese monstruo se convierten en Materiales Xyz en esta carta). Puedes desacoplar de esta carta 1 Material Xyz; ésta gana 500 ATK y 1 monstruo que controle tu adversario pierde 1000 ATK, hasta la End Phase. Debes tener 1000 Life Points o menos para activar y resolver este efecto.

Japanese カオスNo.ナンバーズ39 ぼうおうホープレイ

このカードは自分フィールドの「No.39 希望皇ホープ」の上に重ねてX召喚する事もできる。①:このカードのX素材を1つ取り除いて発動できる。ターン終了時までこのカードの攻撃力を500アップし、相手フィールドのモンスター1体を選んでその攻撃力をターン終了時まで1000ダウンする。この効果は自分のLPが1000以下の場合に発動と処理ができる。

Kaosu Nanbāzu Sanjūkyū Kibō'ō Hōpurei
Chaos Numbers 39: King of Wishes, Hope Ray
Korean C카오스No.넘버즈39 유토피아 레이

빛속성 레벨 4 몬스터×3
이 카드는 자신 필드 위의 "No.39 유토피아" 의 위에 이 카드를 겹쳐 엑시즈 소환할 수도 있다. 자신의 라이프 포인트가 1000 이하일 경우, 이 카드의 엑시즈 소재를 1개 제거하는 것으로, 엔드 페이즈시까지 이 카드의 공격력을 500 포인트 올리고 상대 필드 위의 몬스터 1장의 공격력을 1000포인트 내린다.

Traditional Chinese CNo.39 希望皇 霍普雷

此卡可重叠至我方场上的「No.39希望皇 霍普」之上超量召唤。我方生命点数为1000点或以下的场合,可移除此卡的1个超量素材,直至回合结束时,上升此卡的攻击力500点并选择对手场上的1只怪兽,降低其1000点攻击力。

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2012-01-19ORCS-FR040Order of ChaosL'Ordre du ChaosUltra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
2013-06-13YS13-FR042Super Starter: V for VictorySuper Deck de Démarrage: V pour VictoireUltra Rare
2014-02-21SP14-FR022Star Pack 2014Pack Étoile 2014Common
Starfoil Rare


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2012-01-19ORCS-DE040Order of ChaosOrder of ChaosUltra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
2013-06-13YS13-DE042Super Starter: V for VictorySuper Starter: V for VictoryUltra Rare
2014-02-21SP14-DE022Star Pack 2014Star Pack 2014Common
Starfoil Rare
2014-10-16AC14-DE011Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar ZEXAL EditionYu-Gi-Oh! Adventskalender ZEXAL EditionSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2012-01-19ORCS-IT040Order of ChaosOrdine del ChaosUltra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
2013-06-13YS13-IT042Super Starter: V for VictorySuper Starter: V per VittoriaUltra Rare
2014-02-21SP14-IT022Star Pack 2014Star Pack 2014Common
Starfoil Rare


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2013-06-14YS13-PT042Super Starter: V for VictorySuper Deck Inicial: V de VitóriaUltra Rare
2014-02-21SP14-PT022Star Pack 2014Pacote Estelar 2014Common
Starfoil Rare


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2012-01-19ORCS-SP040Order of ChaosOrden de CaosUltra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
2013-06-13YS13-SP042Super Starter: V for VictorySúper Baraja de Principiante: V de VictoriaUltra Rare
2014-02-21SP14-SP022Star Pack 2014Sobre de Estrellas 2014Common
Starfoil Rare


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2011-11-19ORCS-JP040Order of Chaosオーダー・オブ・カオスUltra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
2013-03-16ST13-JP042Starter Deck 2013STARTERスターター DECKデッキ 2013Super Rare
2016-07-30VF16-JP007Jump Victory Carnival 2016 - Promotion Packジャンプビクトリーカーニバル2016 ぶっぱんこうにゅうとくてんカードNormal Parallel Rare
2021-04-28NCF1-JP114Number Complete File -Piece of Memories-No.ナンバーズ COMPLETEコンプリート FILEファイルPIECEピース OFオブ MEMORIESメモリーズUltra Rare


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2012-02-09ORCS-KR040Order of Chaos오더 오브 카오스Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
2013-07-05ST13-KR042Starter Deck 2013STARTER DECK스타터 덱 2013Super Rare

Traditional Chinese

ReleaseNumberSetTraditional Chinese nameRarity
2014-09-27SP02-TC029Starter Pack Volume 2決鬥始動包 Volume 2Ultra Rare

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