Card Tips:Sword of the Soul-Eater

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  • The most powerful monster you can equip this to is Jerry Beans Man, however there are several other Level 3 Normal Monsters with only slightly less ATK than him, such as Hunter Dragon or Sonic Duck.
  • Although you can't send tokens to the graveyard with this card, you CAN equip this card to a token.
  • You can easily get a lot of tributes for this card with cards using various Low level Normal Monster support,such as "The League of Uniform Nomenclature" which is almost exclusively geared towards swarming.
  • You can summon Feedback Warrior to target a high-level Normal Monster with high ATK, such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon, to become a Level 3 monster. Then you can summon monsters that allow you to Special Summon monsters when it is on the field or sent to the Graveyard to swarm your opponent, then activate Sword of the Soul-Eater, equip it to the previously high-leveled monster, and tribute all monsters on your side of the field to have the equipped monster gain as much as 4000 ATK. You can also use Spell Cards such as Monster Reborn and Soul Exchange to bring monsters to your side of the field to tribute.
  • You can use cards such as "A Legendary Ocean" or "Demotion" to lower the level of a Level 4 Normal Monster so that the monster you're equipping it to becomes a Level 2 or 3 Monster.