Card Trivia:Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Spirit

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  • In the OCG, this card is named after Zhang Ling (Chou Ryou) (read in Japanese as Chō Ryō) and "sky" (ten).
    • Though he did not belong to the 108 Liangshan heroes, Zhang Ling was a character in the novel.
      • Zhang Ling is nicknamed, "Celestial Master" (Tenshi).
        • According to wikipedia, marshal Hong Xin was sent to search for "the Master" (Ling) so that he may help in combating a plague. He then met a boy who informed Hong Xin that the Master is aware of the plague and is heading to the capital. He was later informed that the boy he met was in fact the Master.
          • This part of the novel explains why "Spirit" has a boy's body.
  • This was the third of the 3 Magazine Promo "Fire Fist" monsters to be revealed; the second was "Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Lion Emperor"; and the first was "Horse Prince".
    • Unlike the rest of the "Fire Fist" monsters, these 3 cards are not members of the 108 Liangshan Heroes, however they are still featured in the novel.
  • This card is the first "Fire Fist" monster to be Limited, in the TCG.