Card Trivia:Evilswarm Heliotrope

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  • Heliotrope is a mineral commonly called "bloodstone". Accordingly, this card is a "Gem-Knight" monster infected with the "lswarm" virus.
  • The flavor text of this card is written literally reversed (in all languages), indicating that the "lswarm" infection is powerful enough to completely corrupt the mind of whoever is infected, causing even communication and thoughts to become difficult.
    • In English, this card's flavor text reads "'Eliminate! Eradicate! Exterminate!' These are the thoughts of lingering Steelswarm souls, yearning for a body so that they might make their dream a reality."
    • While in all TCG languages the entirety of the text is simply reversed including all capitals and punctuation, the OCG languages handle the reversing slightly differently:
      • In Korean, the punctuation is removed in addition to reversing the words.
      • In Japanese, the text is further obscured:
        • The words are reversed.
        • The punctuation is removed.
        • The text is written entirely in katakana where kanji and hiragana would normally be more appropriate.
        • Small characters are replaced with their large counterparts.
        • To compensate for the lack of usual word boundaries, extra spaces are added.
Rewriting all characters in the proper grammar, the text reads 「じゅんすいにしてじゃあくなるわれらのたましいインヴェルズのすうこうなるじゃねんかいめつしゅうえんもとめる」 which translates to "Our soul, pure yet wicked, Steelswarm's supreme evil thoughts seeks for destruction, catastrophe and the end."