Continuous Spell/Trap B

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Cards per pack: 3

Price per pack: 500 DP

Number of cards: 80

Unlocked: Beat 12 monsters in a row in Survival Duel

Secret Rare[edit]

Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Uria, Lord of Searing Flames

Ultra Rare[edit]

Level Limit - Area A

Level Limit - Area B

Metal Reflect Slime

Super Rare[edit]

Dark Room of Nightmare

Skill Drain

Swords of Concealing Light

Wall of Revealing Light

Wave-Motion Cannon

Xing Zhen Hu


Continuous Destruction Punch

DNA Transplant

Fault Zone

Heart of the Underdog

Non-Spellcasting Area

Pitch-Black Power Stone

Precious Cards from Beyond

Pyramid of Light

Rare Metalmorph

Robbin' Zombie


Spell Absorption



Ancient Gear Castle

Astral Barrier


Banner of Courage


Begone, Knave!

Boss Rush

Card Shuffle

Centrifugal Field

Chain Burst

Curse of Darkness

D.D. Borderline

Dangerous Machine TYPE-6

Dark Snake Syndrome

Des Counterblow

Dust Barrier

Enervating Mist

Final Attack Orders

Frontline Base


Human-Wave Tactics

Impenetrable Formation

Kishido Spirit

Labyrinth of Nightmare

Lighten the Load

Malice Dispersion

Marshmallon glasses

Mass Driver

Mokey Mokey Smackdown

Ninjitsu Art of Decoy

Ninjitsu Art of Transformation

Non-Fusion Area

Nubian Guard

Poison Fangs

Prepare to Strike Back


Royal Surrender


Senri Eye

Shifting Shadows

Silent Insect

Skull Zoma

Soul Absorption

Soul Resurrection

Spatial Collapse

Spell Economics

Spell Purification

Spell-Stopping Statute

Spiral Spear Strike

Spirit Barrier


The First Sarcophagus

The Second Sarcophagus

The Third Sarcophagus

Tower of Babel

Two-Man Cell Battle