Nordic Relic

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Nordic Relic
"Nordic Relic Draupnir"
  • きょくせいほう
  • 極星宝 (base)
  • きょくせいほう (ruby)
  • Kyokuseihō (romanized)
  • Polar Star Relic (translated)
  • Relique Nordique
  • Nordische Reliquie
  • Reliquia Nórdica
  • 극성보
  • 極星寶 (Hanja)
  • Geukseongbo (romanized)
  • Polar Star Relic (translated)
  • Reliquia Nórdica
  • Reliquia Nórdica
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"Nordic Relic", known as "Polar Star Relic" (きょくせいほう Kyokuseihō) in the OCG, is an archetype of Spell and Trap Cards that aid the "Nordic" and "Aesir" monsters.

Nordic Relic Card Origin
Nordic Relic Brisingamen Brísingamen
Nordic Relic Draupnir Draupnir
Nordic Relic Gungnir Gungnir
Nordic Relic Laevateinn Lævateinn
Nordic Relic Megingjord Megingjörð

Playing Style[edit]

The main card in this sub-archetype is "Nordic Relic Draupnir", which, when destroyed while equipped to a "Nordic" or an "Aesir" monster, can search out any "Nordic Relic" card, including another "Draupnir".

"Nordic Relic Laevateinn" (whose effect to destroy any monster that destroyed an opposing monster in battle cannot be countered) and "Nordic Relic Brisingamen" (which can equalize the ATK of 1 of your monsters with the ATK of 1 of your opponent's monsters) are virtually splashable and can work with nearly any kind of Deck.

"Nordic Relic Gungnir" (which can banish an "Aesir" or a "Nordic" monster from the field and destroy 1 other card) and "Nordic Relic Megingjord" (considered to be the strongest in the sub-archetype; a selected "Aesir"/"Nordic" monster has their ATK and DEF doubled when activated) are more "Nordic"/"Aesir" focused.

Many players who run "Nordic" Decks may want to use "Release Restraint Wave" when running these cards, as "Release Restraint Wave" destroys an Equip Spell Card you control, as well as your opponent's face-down Spell and Trap Cards. You can use this strategy on "Nordic Relic Draupnir" to gain access to its effect.