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"Fenrir the Nordic Wolf" and "Jormungardr the Nordic Serpent"
  • きょくせい
  • 極星 (base)
  • きょくせい (ruby)
  • Kyokusei (romanized)
  • Polar Star (translated)
  • Nordique
  • Nordisch
  • Nordic
  • 극성
  • 極星 (Hanja)
  • Geukseong (romanized)
  • Polar Star (translated)
  • Nórdico/a
  • Nórdico/a
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"Nordic", known as "Polar Star" (きょくせい Kyokusei) in the OCG, is an archetype introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's used by Team Ragnarok. It contains 4 sub-archetypes; "Nordic Alfar", "Nordic Ascendant", "Nordic Beast" and "Nordic Relic". They work alongside the 3 "Aesir" monsters and are based on Norse Mythology.


Nordic Beasts[edit]

The "Nordic Beast" (Polar Star Beasts in the OCG and the Japanese anime) is the sub-archetype used by Dragan and connected to the Norse God Thor. The two Tokens Summoned by "Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts" are actually the goats that pull Thor's chariot, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. Garmr, the guardian of the Underworld, is a dog associated with Ragnarök, while Gullfaxi is a sacred horse that was a gift from Thor to his son, Magni, as a reward for helping him fight against the Giants.

Nordic Alfar[edit]

The "Nordic Alfar" (Polar Star Spirits in the OCG and Japanese Anime) is the "Nordic" sub-archetype used by Brodor and connected to the Norse God Loki. Ljósálfr is a combination of the words "Light" and "Álfr" (Elf). The Light Elves are divine beings who dwell in the heavens of Álfheimr (Elfland). The Japanese name of "Svartalf of the Nordic Alfar", Dökkálfr, is the opposite of Ljósálfr: It's a combination of the words "Dökkr" (Dark) and "Álfr" (Elf). Unlike the Light Elves who live in the heavens, the Dark Elves dwell down below the Earth.

Nordic Ascendant[edit]

The "Nordic Ascendant" (Polar Star Angels in the OCG and the Japanese Anime) is the "Nordic" sub-archetype used by Halldor and connected to the Norse God Odin. Mimir, another Norse God renowned for his wisdom and knowledge, is the guard of the Well of Wisdom and Insight, where one of the Roots of the Yggdrasil Tree concludes. Odin cast his own eye into Mimir's well to gain knowledge of the future. The Valkyries are a host of female figures who serve under Odin, and decide who will die in battle. They are also responsible for bringing dead warriors to the afterlife and into the Halls of Valhalla (where they become Einherjars). Gullveig and Vanadis are alternative names of the Norse Goddess Freyja.

Nordic Relics[edit]

The "Nordic Relics" (Polar Star Treasure in the OCG and the Japanese Anime) are a sub-archetype of Spell and Trap Cards that supports the Nordic and "Aesir" archetypes.

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