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Yeah, I'm going ahead assuming this will be The Seal of Orichalcos. TCG gets that card on October 2nd and, as usual, the OCG isn't getting this Legendary Collection, so it will be a TCG Exclusive. It seems highly likely that Konami will want to make it available to both regions at a similar date. AEtherchild (Talk|Contribs) 04:02, September 2, 2012 (UTC)

I got that info from Shriek and Monjoymethunder site. I think "The Seal of Orichalcos" might be an OCG later after TCG decides what effects it would have and I'm not sure if they would add "Lightray Grepher" in this pac; I hope they would.--Wasn't 04:13, September 2, 2012 (UTC)
Lightray Grepher won't be in this pack - This is going to be the TCG Exclusive cards (numbers EN000 and EN081-EN089) from Extreme Victory, Generation Force, Photon Shockwave and Order of Chaos, as well as Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien and one other card. Due to the current TCG Exclusive cards, The Seal of Orichalcos seems to be the only option - it won't be one of the Match Winner promos, and the Seal is the only card left. Lightray Grepher will be in the Extra Pack 2013 next year along with the rest of the exclusives from GAOV, REDU, ABYR and COBL (or whatever Cosmo Blazar's code will be). AEtherchild (Talk|Contribs) 04:17, September 2, 2012 (UTC)
The 42 card is probably "The Seal of Orichalcos",because "The Seal of Orichalcos" is on the cover of the Pack.--X-Metaman (talkcontribs) 13:04, September 2, 2012 (UTC)
I don't know if that's the seal of orichalcos... If You take a look into some old packs you'll see a seal, like those seals in Spellcaster spells and traps.--E.G.G. (My Contributions) 13:07, September 2, 2012 (UTC)