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{{Last name}} is a template that takes a full name and returns the family name or surname (in contrast to the given name).

Note that this template does not actually "know" if the name returned is the family name or surname; that is impossible to know for any given name since there are hundreds of thousands of family names/surnames in use around the world, many of which (depending on the culture) are also used as given names.


The template accepts one unnamed parameter for the name, and the name order can be specified with a second unnamed parameter. If no parameters are provided, it operates on the page name instead.

{{Family name}} and {{surname}} both redirect to this template and can therefore be used instead of {{last name}}.

Name Western order Eastern order
Code Result Code Result
Some text {{Last name|Some text}} text {{Last name|Some text|Eastern}} Some
John Doe {{Last name|John Doe}} Doe {{Last name|Doe John|Eastern}} Doe
Kazuki Takahashi {{Last name|Kazuki Takahashi}} Takahashi {{Last name|Takahashi Kazuki|Eastern}} Takahashi
Suk In Lee {{Last name|Suk In Lee}} Lee {{Last name|Lee Suk In|Eastern}} Lee
Aikawa {{Last name|Aikawa}} Aikawa {{Last name|Aikawa|Eastern}} Aikawa
高橋 和希 {{Last name|和希 高橋}} 高橋 {{Last name|高橋 和希|Eastern}} 高橋

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