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DeltaneosBot is an AutoWikiBrowser bot operated by Deltaneos.

You can see more information here.


If you wish to request new tasks, please do so at User talk:Deltaneos.
  • Updating names of cards on articles after page moves.
  • Adding video game sets to card articles.
  • Correcting repeated errors, such as typos.
  • Replacing episode navboxes.
  • Removing erroneously inserted parenthesis from Japanese translated names in episode infoboxes.
  • Adding Category:Monsters by ATK and similar categories.
  • Dividing Category:Gameplay into subcategories.
  • Removing "perrow" from <gallery> tags to suit the new skin.

Blocking instructions[edit]

If the bot starts malfunctioning, please leave a message on its talk page. That should cause it to stop. If that doesn't work, sysops may block it by clicking here.