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This an AutoWikiBrowser bot operated by Falzar FZ. This bot is flagged and has made edits since September 1, 2011.

Any requests, suggestions or comments go on my main Talk Page. Not here and not on this bots Talk Page.

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  • If the bot malfunctions or needs to be stopped for an important reason, please leave a message on its talk page and it should stop. If for some reason that doesn't work, sysops may block it by clicking here.
  • If there was an error that I missed and it remained on the page for a long while, you can undo it if you want, but please leave a message at User talk:Falzar FZ about it so I can fix it so that the error does not happen again on another page.

Completed Tasks[edit]

Update the Gallery Headers; includes misc clean ups. Did not include updating Gallery1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Template usage. Applied to Category:Card Gallery.

Update Ruby Syntax; includes removing width 300 and 400. Applied to Category:Duel Monsters cards.

Added Category:Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses 3D Models. Applied to all files containing 'VG-DOR' in its name.
Added Category:Tag Force Card Artworks. Applied to almost all files containing 'VG-TF' or 'VG-GX' in its name.

→ Update superseded SMW search parameter Medium::OCG||TCG (or Medium::TCG||OCG) --> Class 1::Official. Applied to all Card Tips and Main Talk pages that appeared on Special:TagsReport for #ask.

Removed [[Category:Card Tips]], as {{Navigation}} automatically adds that category. Checked all pages that were in Category:Card Tips at the time. There weren't many of these.
Removed [[Category:Card Trivia]], as {{Navigation}} automatically adds that category. Checked all pages that were in Category:Card Trivia at the time. There weren't many of these.

Effect types and appearances format update; includes double space and no space clean up. Already applied to Category:Anime and manga appearances transclusions to be updated, Category:Card table transclusions using deprecated parameters (effectN) and Concept:Effect Monsters. Will apply appearances format updates for the rest of the cards later.

Updating gallery parameters per Forum:Page Format Reference#CardGallery. Applied to Category:Card Gallery.

Singular card type page names. Applied to Category:Set Card Lists

→ Convert copyright violating use of images on userpages to links to the images instead. Card images were bot edits, anime images were partially manual. Photobucket images were manual. Applied to all User namespace pages created/edited before 30 December 2011; search mode was to look for (.jpg), (.png), (.bmp) and (.gif), filtered to ignore the old Star and old Attributes, Ticks and Crosses images.

→ Change [[Image: to [[File:. Applied to Category:Sets (recursive), Category:Real world and Set Card Lists namespace.

→ Some things used to all be on one page. Now they each have their own page. But their links were never updated. Applied to Attribute#... Phase#... Type#... Battle Position#... Damage#...

Set Card Gallery format update per User:Dinoguy1000/boilerplate. Applied to Set Card Galleries namespace which contained "colspan="1" | [[File:" on the page (i.e. the old box/grid galleries) and are TCG or OCG.

Set Card Gallery format update per User:Dinoguy1000/boilerplate.

Also replaced:
English- → English -
English—North America → North American English
Canadian- → Canadian -
Worldwide English - → Worldwide English -
Korean- → Korean -
Applied to Set Card Galleries namespace which contained those replacements (includes removing File: or Image: from between gallery tags).

→ Null editing anything that transcludes Template:Archseries card list to populate Property:Archetype or series card list for, Property:Archetype or series anti-support card list for and Property:Archetype or series card list for because 99% of archetype/series pages were broken... still required a separate fix afterwards to fix it though.

Errata Format Update. Applied to Card Errata namespace.

Interwiki link cleanup for wikipedia ([[wikipedia:example|example]]), ([[wikipedia:ja:example|example]]) and wikia ([[w:c:name:example|example]]). Applied to non-User/Forum/Talk pages at External links search for *

Add material, fmN and smN. Applied to Rank 2+ Xyz Monsters, All Fusion Monsters and All Synchro Monsters.

Add "King" archetype. Applied to cards containing "王" which were not in the archetype at the time.

Updating artworks parameters per Forum:Page Format Reference#Artworks pages. Included a couple other fixes. Applied to Category:Card Artworks.

Update card names with red links, per image policy. Applied to Category:Card Gallery.

Add WC10-NC images that I had just uploaded to Card Gallery pages. 3 modes:

Already contains EN-VG: Add image to that section.
Not contains EN-VG but does have JP-VG: Add a new EN-VG section above the JP-VG section.
Not contains EN-VG nor JP-VG: Add a new EN-VG section to the end of the page.

Added 5284/5654 (93.46%) of the Card Database IDs per Forum:New YGO Card Database.

→ ", and " → " and " and ", or " → " or " (quotes included), per Manual of style. Applied to Category:Card Tips.

Added {{R from passcode}} to all passcode redirects which did not have it. Includes format cleanup. Applied to all passcode redirects.

Added {{R from set number}} to all Set Number redirects which did not have it. Includes format cleanup. Applied to all Set Number redirects.

Add BAM-EN-VG images that I had just uploaded to Card Gallery pages. Similar to WC10-NC image addition above.

Current Tasks[edit]

Effect types and/or appearances format update and/or cleanup. Any effect types being added are manual edits (not bot) and are either from rulings or from WC11. Applying to [[Class 1::Official]] [[S/T Class::Continuous Trap Card||Continuous Spell Card||Field Spell Card||Equip Spell Card]].

→ Appearances format update and/or cleanup. Applying to all Anime/Manga cards, then later, applying to TCG/OCG Normal Monsters.

→ Effect types and/or appearances format update and/or cleanup. Applying to the rest of the Spell and Trap Cards.

monster (per Talk:Tuner monster#Rename)

Using simple replace only:
Toon Monster → Toon monster
[[Tuner monsters| → [[Tuner monster|
|Tuner monsters]] → |Tuner monster]]s
[[Tuner monster|Tuner monster]] → [[Tuner monster]]
for each type.
Applying to Armor monster, Dark Tuner monster, Gemini monster, Limit Over Accel Synchro monster, Spirit monster, Toon monster and Tuner monster.
Not applying to Union monster yet.

Ongoing Tasks[edit]

Fix Double Redirects.

→ Set Card Galleries; clean up namespace and/or alignments (left revision (before) and right revision (after))

Update the pages which used the name after pages are moved.

Now also applying to files.

→ Singular page name link updates. Because some people didn't like redirects; until the pages were moved, which ironically meant they added redundant things to the page and also made even more redirects in the process. Applied to Trap Cards, Synchro Monsters, Spell Cards, Ritual Monsters, Normal Monsters, Monster Cards, Fusion Monsters, Effect Monsters, Costs, Synchro Material Monsters, Fusion Material Monsters, Card Effect, Equip Cards, Damage Calculation Normal Spell Cards, Continuous Spell Cards, Field Spell Cards, Equip Spell Cards, Quick-Play Spell Cards, Ritual Spell Cards, Normal Trap Cards, Continuous Trap Cards, Counter Trap Cards. I'm sure there's more, so I'll put this in ongoing tasks. Feel free to suggest any more.

Fix any Card Gallery errors I happen to pick up.

Considered Tasks[edit]

Update Card Gallery and Card Errata pages that are using the GalleryN Templates.

→ Go around Card Tips and Card Trivia pages and add " "s around card names that don't already have " "s. I have an idea on how to do this, but I'm not sure if the bot will allow for such a long list.

Add licensing to 5Ds Tag Force images. I'll leave this in this section as long as I can't figure out a way to perfectly add it. Right now, it can get it right ~94% of the time. If I ever get it to be perfect, I can extend it to run for other images, or to add Template:OCG-TCG card image.