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Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 generates three starter decks when the player starts the game. There are four special pools of cards, given below:

1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Cyber-Tech Alligator, Dark Magician, Gemini Elf, Red-Eyes B. Dragon, Summoned Skull, Vorse Raider

2. Cyber Jar, Kuriboh, Magician of Faith, Man-Eater Bug, Needle Worm, Penguin Soldier, Sangan, Skelengel, Witch of the Black Forest

3. Dark Hole, Harpie's Feather Duster, Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, Tribute to The Doomed

4. Imperial Order, Magic Jammer, Royal Decree, Seven Tools of the Bandit, Trap Hole

The first step is that the game picks one card from each pool for each deck, with the three choices from each pool being distinct. The second step is the game goes through each of the three decks, and does the following:

1. Add the cards selected above for the given deck to the deck.

2. Add to the deck 1 level 7+ Normal monster.

3. Add to the deck 3 Level 5 or 6 Normal monsters.

4. Add to the deck 26 Level 1 to 4 Normal monsters with 1000+ attack or 1000+ defense.

5. Add to the deck 3 spells that are not ritual spells.

6. Add to the deck 3 traps.

For steps 2 to 6, the game generates an appropriate random card and only adds it if doing so will not bump the number of copies of that card in the trunk to more than the number of copies allowed in one deck under the banlist. This attempt to stop the player starting with more copies of a card than they can use in a deck is imperfect: for example, the game could select Dark Hole from pool 3 for deck 2, and randomly generate a Dark Hole in deck 1 since even though Dark Hole is limited it is not added to the trunk at that point.

If anyone wants to generate the initial trunks for a range of seeds, I have two Python scripts at and You will want to run