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Hey there, this is Saikikkyu!!![edit]

Well this is my page on YuGiOh Wikia, so why don't I tell a little about myself!?

About Me[edit]

Well my name is Joël, and I'm... well nobody really cares about my age I think ;p. I'm more of a collecter than a player, I sometimes make decks, but they aren't that good, the reason for that is that I don't want to spend too much money on a single card (like "Plaguespreader Zombie" for example), and the decks are just for fun though :P. My favourite monsters are the Zombie, Psychic and Fiend Types. Their Artworks and concepts etc. are awesome!!! I also have interest in "Dark Ruler Ha Des" and his endless battle with "Dark King of the Abyss", and because of that, he is one of my favourite monsters too (including his Zombie counterpart: "Revived King Ha Des"). I also like the "Yokai" monsters used by Bastion in the manga, but until now, only "Mezuki" is released as a real card. The "Infernity" cards are also one of my favourites, I am also trying to make a deck with those cards, but I'm still waiting for some cards, while I put an add on a website with some of my wants (including a third "Infernity Beetle", "Infernity Mirage" and some others. Currently I play a "Fabled" deck, but I miss two of the most important cards for it: Grimro and Raven, OMG I would totally blow on a tournament XD.

The Beginning: I started collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards somewhere in 2003, so that's quite a long time :P My first booster was from Labyrinth Of Nightmare and my first Starterdeck was Kaiba's (JEEZ, that I remembered that stuff LOL).

When I just started collecting I was always on the hunt for "Relinquished" and "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" because, back then, my friends and I thought those were the most powerful cards. But we also thought that about a lot of other cards, hehe. And with the release of "Starter Deck: Pegasus" and "Master Collection 1" I finally got both :P.


Well, Yu-Gi-Oh! of course, and mostly the censorship, the origin of some of the cards and the manga. My other interests are: Manga and Anime, Like Hellsing, Fooly Cooly, Bleach, Death Note, Higurashi etc. My Favourite band is The GazettE (they're just awesome!!!)! I'm also a big fan of "Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series"! It also inspired me to make my: Hellsing: The parody series. The series are in Dutch, so if you don't speak dutch.... sorry!