Card Appearances:Dark Assailant

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  • Duke Devlin used this monster in his Dungeon Dice Monsters match against Yami Yugi. Duke eventually moves this monster to the items chest(which was after Yugi destroyed "Orgoth the Relentless"). Duke then has this monster the chest contained "Monster Cannon" which Duke was intending to use to destroy "Dark Magician". Yugi activates the ability of "Dark Magician" to hide it within one of four Magical Hats which were then shuffled up. This means Duke only has one shot to get it right. Duke orders "Monster Cannon" to fire at the third hat from the right. This obliterates the hat, but it then turns out that Duke guessed wrong as "Dark Magician" comes out of another hat.
  • In episode 106, Duke uses this card during his Duel with Tristan Taylor and Serenity Wheeler against Nezbitt. He summons this card in Defense Position. Later Nezbitt activates "Clockwork Night" to turn all of his opponents' monsters into Machine-type monsters and decrease their ATK by 500. Nezbitt then activates "Short Circuit" to switch all of his opponents' monsters into Attack Position. In the next episode, Duke activates "Dimensionhole" to banish this card until his next Standby Phase. This decreases the ATK of "Machine King" by 100 due to a Machine-type monster being removed from the field.