Card Rulings:Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar

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TCG Rulings

  • This effect targets the face-up monster you control. [1]
  • You refer to the target’s current Level on the field when this effect resolves. [1]
  • If the target is no longer face-up on the field when this effect resolves, you don’t Special Summon a monster. [1]
  • If your opponent takes control of the target before this effect resolves, you still Special Summon a monster. [1]
  • You refer to the current Level of the monster in your hand when you resolve this effect, including all modifications from cards like "Cost Down". [1]
  • If there is no longer a monster in your hand that you can Special Summon when this effect resolves, your opponent may briefly verify that this is the case. [1]


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