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  • With cards like "Shien's Spy" or "Creature Swap", you can use "Ameba" to its full potential. Get it over to your opponent's field and 2000 damage is inflicted to your opponent.
  • When using the previously mentioned "Creature Swap" combo, you are free to attack with the monster you took from the opponent, thus increasing potential damage.
  • Use this card in a Burn Deck for best results.
  • Using "Mystic Box", you can destroy your opponent's strongest monster and inflict 2000 damage at the same time. Then attack "Ameba" with one of your monsters for more damage.
  • After giving "Ameba" to your opponent (inflicting 2000 damage in the process), you can equip it with "Mist Body" or "Heart of Clear Water ". On top of that, you can activate "Shadow Spell" that way it will be unable to change its position or attack. Then, attack it with all the monsters you have for potentially huge damage, possibly even enough for an OTK. "Half Shut" can work to with this combo instead of using "Mist Body" or "Heart of Clear Water".
  • You can reuse "Ameba's" effect by Special Summoning it from your Graveyard with "Kinka-byo" or by returning it to your hand with "Swap Frog's" effect. You can combine both of these cards to get "Ameba" out on the field by sending it to the Graveyard first with "Swap Frog", then Special Summon it with "Kinka-byo".

Traditional Format[edit]