Card Tips:Outstanding Dog Marron

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  • This card's effect is primarily intended to prevent you from decking out. If you're playing a waiting game with your opponent, this card will continue to return to your deck and your opponent will run out of cards before you do. Take care not to overuse the draw power, however, since you won't be drawing any new cards.
  • If used in a Lightsworn deck, its effect makes it less likely for the player to Deck Out.
  • This card would be useful in decks that discard a lot of cards.
  • You can also use this card simply to shuffle your Deck.
  • Use this card in a Cat Synchro Deck to not run out of targets for "Rescue Cat".
  • If you use this card with "Shaddoll Fusion", this card can be a reusable material that shuffles back into the deck.

Traditional Format[edit]