Card Trivia:Aqua Dragon

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  • This card was nearly useless in the TCG when it was first released, because only one of its Fusion Materials, "Zone Eater" had been released, although it requires three Fusion Materials. Therefore, it couldn't be Fusion Summoned until the two other materials were later released.
  • This is the first Sea Serpent-Type Fusion Monster.
    • While Fusion Monsters always have at least one Fusion Material monster with the same Type as the Fusion Monster, this card's Fusion Materials, "Fairy Dragon", "Amazon of the Seas", and "Zone Eater" do not share this card's Type.
    • However, this card's Type is likely combination of the Types of the Fusion Materials' Dragon, Fish, and Aqua-Types respectively.
    • This oddity is shared with another Fusion Monster: "Skull Knight", a Spellcaster-Type whose Fusion Material Monsters, "Ancient Brain" and "Tainted Wisdom" are Fiend-Type.