Card Trivia:Muko

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  • This card's artwork is very similar to the artwork of "Soul Charge". This card came first, so the art of "Soul Charge" is based on this card's art.
  • The man featured in this card's artwork is also featured in the artwork of "Invalidate".
  • This card's original name was "Null and Void". On February 10th 2017, it received an errata in the official database, changing it to its current name, "Muko".
    • This is likely because Raging Tempest was released in the TCG on the same day, which included support for the "Void" archetype. Because this card previously had "Void" in its name (because it was released in the TCG before the "Void" archetype was designed), it had to be renamed to prevent unintended interactions.