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For the card whose Japanese name is "Drone", see "Doron".
"Battledrone General"
  • ドローン
  • Dorōn (romanized)

Anime appearances

"Drone" (ドローン Dorōn) is an archetype of Machine monsters used by Blood Shepherd in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.



The "Drone" monsters take an appearance after military aircraft of various types.


Each "Drone" Link Monster is associated with a particular designation in the army, namely: combat medic, sergeant and general.

Playing style[edit]

"Drone" monsters revolve around attacking directly, which can be achieved through either the usual method of attacking directly, or by the effect of "Battledrone General". Their effects trigger upon inflicting damage to their opponent through a direct attack, and allow for combos of direct attacks.

"Battledrone General" can inflict heavy amounts of damage to the opponent through its effect, which triggers when a "Drone" monster inflicts battle damage by a direct attack, Tributing that monster to inflict more damage to the opponent. "Battledrone Sergeant" can attack directly if another "Drone" monster inflicts battle damage with a direct attack, allowing for further combos with "General".