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Age: 49

Favorite Things: Anime, Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy, working on various projects (but rarely ever finish—-I'm a projectaholic)

Disability: Asperger's Syndrome

One may ask why I didn't include Helios? Main reason: too weak. 2nd reason: I only have one. How about the Stealth Birds and Wave-Motion Cannon? Answer: D.D. Borderline As a general rule, I don't try to play any spells until I can get Macro Cosmos out. Otherwise, it's somewhat of a straight-forward D.D. deck. It's also constantly evolving. Trying differnent things, taking out what doesn't work. I'm probably going to take out the Chaos Ends and replace them with something else.

Next deck:

I know Zoma is not a fiend, but I like its effect. If I could find a Fiend-Type with a similar effect I would replace it. I used to have Spirit Reaper in this deck, but I have it side decked for now. There's a fiend version that has a similar effect to Spirit Reaper that I also have in my side deck. This deck is built around high level monsters and ways to get them out quickly. Set Fires of Doomsday, activate it during my oppenent's End Phase, then use the tokens as tributes during my Main Phase. Kaiser Colosseum helps by locking the field. This helps keep the decks built around swarming at bay. You can see how my twisted mind is thinking. The Chain Detonations help in reshuffling my deck.

Future wiki project (unless somebody else beats me to it): create a wiki page of all the Promos, Boosters, and Decks for TCG sorted by release date. I think this would be beneficial to creating and updating the card errata. I noticed that somebody else already did something like this. I updated that page with new info. However, a consolidated page still needs to be done sometime. Unless somebody beats me to it, I'll try to do it sometime in the somewhat near (read as a couple of months) future (i.e. when my database project is finished).