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Hi, I am Erdvilla, a passionate YGO collector.

Player from 2000 to 2009, then retired, but still collect the cards.

Would be able to play as I have most complete TCG sets in my collection, but this would mean spending more in newer releases to keep up to date.

I like contributing to the site, specially with my OCG ,mostly Korean Collection. Having that secondary collection lets me contribute to the site. Also I like looking at the cards at such high resolution (all my uploaded images are between 1400x2050 and 700x1025 non-converted png) to find details I might missed in the physical card.

Card image uploads[edit]

Note: Most of my KR sets are missing some cards specially variant rarities; I fill them up with easier to find JP ones, so I can't scan those for the galleries. Also, galleries where I might only uploaded few pictures I don't list.

Note 2: I prefer leaving older pictures alone; I do replace angled, low quality, watermarked, smaller than a quarter of my used resolution, and such images.

Sets already uploaded:

Sets in my collection to upload:

  • Waiting for mail...

Older sets I don't have in Korean, only in my complete English collection .

Names & Lore[edit]

Currently inputting the names and lore (mainly the names, because missing names are easy to spot, so I add the lore while adding the names, but I don't actively look for missing lore card by card).


Working on:

  • Done for now. Template shows 0 Names & 0 Lore missing.

To do:

  • New releases as they are added to DB.

Completed (Latest revision 21-FEB-2020 up to LVP3):

  • All Starter decks
  • All Structure decks
  • All Duelist packs, to date
  • All reprint-ish sets (Beginner, Expert, Precious, Premium, Gold...)
  • All intermediate sets
  • Extra packs up to date
  • All Tournament packs
  • Advanced event packs to date
  • Main sets:
    • All YGO
    • All GX
    • All 5Ds
    • All Zexal
    • All Arc-V
    • VRains, to date


Working on:

  • Nothing really.

To do:

  • With the PT Data Base now available I might dive into this one.


  • All reprint-ish sets (DB, DR, Golds, LCs...)
  • All intermediate sets (Arsenal, BPs, All-foil 5-card packs...)
  • All Starter decks
  • All Structure decks
  • All Duelist packs
  • All Tournament, Champion, OTS packs.
  • Main sets:
    • All YGO
    • All GX
    • All 5Ds
    • All Zexal
    • All Arc-V
    • VRains, to date

Convert old lists to the new "Set list" format and eradicate Red Numbers[edit]

During my naming process I ran across several loose red numbers in some lists (2 or 3 per set). So I think I'll eventually do a re-run of all sets and Redirect them properly (making a blank edit to the card itself so I don't create a bunch or horrible red Errors on all other listings for that card).
Note: If said blank edit took me to a card which is missing some FR, DE, IT, KO and/or SP lore then I'll of course provide it; so it'll be a nice collateral construction.
Note 2: Not doing complete red number lists; I'll leave those to BecaBot... once it resumes operations.
And I'll update ALL lists to the simplified "Set list" fromat (what I've got my self into...).

Completed (Hard-checked list by list):

  • EN
  • EU
  • NA
  • AU
  • FC
  • FR
  • DE
  • JA
  • AE
  • TC
  • JP
  • KR

Working on:

  • Taking a break after the OCG ordeal.

To do:

  • Hard-check IT, PT and SP lists.

Test pages[edit]

User:Erdvilla/Test: Secret Rare card list