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Hi, I am Erdvilla, a passionate YGO collector.

Player from 2000 to 2009, then retired, but still collect the cards. Retired completely at the end of 2020 (too many greedy changes in products were the last straw).

Would be able to play as I have most complete TCG sets in my collection, but this would mean spending more in newer releases to keep up to date.

I like contributing to the site, specially with my OCG ,mostly Korean Collection. Having that secondary collection lets me contribute to the site. Also I like looking at the cards at such high resolution (all my uploaded images are between 1400x2050 and 700x1025 non-converted png) to find details I might missed in the physical card.

Card image uploads[edit]

Note: Most of my KR sets are missing some cards specially variant rarities; I fill them up with easier to find JP ones, so I can't scan those for the galleries. Also, galleries where I might only uploaded few pictures I don't list.

Note 2: I prefer leaving older pictures alone; I do replace angled, low quality, watermarked, smaller than a quarter of my used resolution, and such images.

Sets already uploaded:

Sets in my collection to upload:

  • Waiting for mail...

Older sets I don't have in Korean, only in my complete English collection .

Names & Lore[edit]

Currently inputting the names and lore (mainly the names, because missing names are easy to spot, so I add the lore while adding the names, but I don't actively look for missing lore card by card).


Working on:

  • Done for now. Template shows 0 Names & 0 Lore missing.

To do:

  • New releases as they are added to DB.

Completed (Latest revision 21-FEB-2020 up to LVP3):

  • All Starter decks
  • All Structure decks
  • All Duelist packs, to date
  • All reprint-ish sets (Beginner, Expert, Precious, Premium, Gold...)
  • All intermediate sets
  • Extra packs up to date
  • All Tournament packs
  • Advanced event packs to date
  • Main sets:
    • All YGO
    • All GX
    • All 5Ds
    • All Zexal
    • All Arc-V
    • VRains, to date


Working on:

  • Nothing really.

To do:

  • With the PT Data Base now available I might dive into this one.


  • All reprint-ish sets (DB, DR, Golds, LCs...)
  • All intermediate sets (Arsenal, BPs, All-foil 5-card packs...)
  • All Starter decks
  • All Structure decks
  • All Duelist packs
  • All Tournament, Champion, OTS packs.
  • Main sets:
    • All YGO
    • All GX
    • All 5Ds
    • All Zexal
    • All Arc-V
    • VRains, to date

Convert old lists to the new "Set list" format and eradicate Red Numbers[edit]

During my naming process I ran across several loose red numbers in some lists (2 or 3 per set). So I think I'll eventually do a re-run of all sets and Redirect them properly (making a blank edit to the card itself so I don't create a bunch or horrible red Errors on all other listings for that card).
Note: If said blank edit took me to a card which is missing some FR, DE, IT, KO and/or SP lore then I'll of course provide it; so it'll be a nice collateral construction.
Note 2: Not doing complete red number lists; I'll leave those to BecaBot... once it resumes operations.
And I'll update ALL lists to the simplified "Set list" fromat (what I've got my self into...).

Completed (Hard-checked list by list):

  • EN
  • EU
  • NA
  • AU
  • FC
  • FR
  • DE
  • JA
  • AE
  • TC
  • JP
  • KR

Working on:

  • Taking a break after the OCG ordeal.

To do:

  • Hard-check IT, PT and SP lists.

Test pages[edit]

User:Erdvilla/Test: Secret Rare card list