Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment

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This article is about the OCG Duelist Set. For the TCG equivalent, see Realm of Light Structure Deck. For the Booster Pack, see Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment Enhancement Pack.
Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment
Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment
  • Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment
Japaneseデュエリストセット Ver.バージョンライトロード・ジャッジメント
Baseデュエリストセット Ver.ライトロード・ジャッジメント
Furiganaデュエリストセット バージョンライトロード・ジャッジメント
RōmajiDyuerisuto Setto Bājon Raitorōdo Jajjimento
Set information
TypeDuelist Set
  • DS14-JPLS
  • DS14-JPL (jp)
  • DS14-KRLS
  • DS14-KRL (kr)
Number of cards
  • 40 (Japanese)
  • 44 (Korean)
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • November 23, 2013
  • December 20, 2013

Version Lightlord Judgment



Both the Japanese and Korean version contains:

The Japanese version also contains:

  • 37 reprinted cards (1 for the Extra Deck)
  • 1 Rubber Duel Field
  • 1 Deck Case
  • 70 Card Sleeves
  • 1 Power-Up Pack (10 different cards, 5 cards each pack in Ultra Rare)
  • 1 special Code card from the "V Jump 20th Anniversary Edition" in full-color for the new 3DS game

The Korean version also contains:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryQty
DS14-JPLS1"Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn"「ライトロード・アーク ミカエル」Extra Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster1
DS14-JPLS2"Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden"「ライトロード・メイデン ミネルバ」Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-JPLS3"Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn"「ライトロード・アサシン ライデン」Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-JPL01"Judgment Dragon"裁きの龍ジャッジメント・ドラグーンUltra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL02"Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon"「ライトロード・ドラゴン グラゴニス」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL03"Celestia, Lightsworn Angel"「ライトロード・エンジェル ケルビム」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL04"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin"「ライトロード・パラディン ジェイン」Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-JPL05"Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress"「ライトロード・マジシャン ライラ」Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-JPL06"Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior"「ライトロード・ウォリアー ガロス」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL07"Wulf, Lightsworn Beast"「ライトロード・ビースト ウォルフ」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL08"Ehren, Lightsworn Monk"「ライトロード・モンク エイリン」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL09"Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner"「ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス」Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-JPL10"Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter"「ライトロード・ハンター ライコウ」Ultra RareFlip monster2
DS14-JPL11"Honest"「オネスト」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL12"Lightray Diabolos"「ライトレイ ディアボロス」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL13"Lightray Daedalus"「ライトレイ ダイダロス」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL14"Lightray Grepher"「ライトレイ グレファー」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL15"Rai-Jin"RAIライJINジンUltra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL16"Rai-Mei"RAIライMEIメイUltra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL17"Tasuke Knight"「タスケナイト」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-JPL18"Magical Merchant"どうざっしょうにんUltra RareFlip monster1
DS14-JPL19"Vylon Prism"「ヴァイロン・プリズム」Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-JPL20"Effect Veiler"「エフェクト・ヴェーラー」Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-JPL21"Realm of Light"「ジャスティス・ワールド」Ultra RareField Spell2
DS14-JPL22"Solar Recharge"「ソーラー・エクスチェンジ」Ultra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-JPL23"Charge of the Light Brigade"ひかりえんぐんUltra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-JPL24"Constellar Belt"神星なる領域セイクリッド・ベルトUltra RareContinuous Spell1
DS14-JPL25"Z-ONE"Z-ONEゼット・ワンUltra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-JPL26"Terraforming"「テラ・フォーミング」Ultra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-JPL27"Glorious Illusion"せんこうのイリュージョン」Ultra RareContinuous Trap1
DS14-JPL28"Lightsworn Barrier"「ライトロード・バリア」Ultra RareContinuous Trap1
DS14-JPL29"Vanquishing Light"「ライト・バニッシュ」Ultra RareCounter Trap1
DS14-JPL30"Beckoning Light"ひかりしょうしゅうUltra RareNormal Trap1
DS14-JPL31"Needlebug Nest"はりむしそうくつUltra RareNormal Trap1
DS14-JPL32"Light End Dragon"「ライトエンド・ドラゴン」Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster1

Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategoryQty
DS14-KRLS1"Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn""라이트로드 아크 미카엘"Extra Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster1
DS14-KRLS2"Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden""라이트로드 메이덴 미네르바"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-KRLS3"Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn""라이트로드 어쌔신 라이덴"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-KRL01"Judgment Dragon""저지먼트 드래곤"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL02"Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon""라이트로드 드래곤 그라고니스"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL03"Celestia, Lightsworn Angel""라이트로드 엔젤 케루빔"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL04"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""라이트로드 파라딘 제인"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRL05"Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress""라이트로드 매지션 라일라"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRL06"Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior""라이트로드 워리어 가로스"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL07"Wulf, Lightsworn Beast""라이트로드 비스트 울프"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL08"Ehren, Lightsworn Monk""라이트로드 몽크 에이린"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL09"Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner""라이트로드 서머너 루미나스"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRL10"Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter""라이트로드 헌터 라이코"Ultra RareFlip monster2
DS14-KRL11"Honest""어니스트"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL12"Lightray Diabolos""라이트레이 디아블로스"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL13"Lightray Daedalus""라이트레이 다이달로스"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL14"Lightray Grepher""라이트레이 그레퍼"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL15"Rai-Jin""RAI-JIN"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL16"Rai-Mei""RAI-MEI"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL17"Tasuke Knight""타스케 나이트"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL18"Magical Merchant""마도 잡화상인"Ultra RareFlip monster1
DS14-KRL19"Vylon Prism""바이론 프리즘"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-KRL20"Effect Veiler""이펙트 뵐러"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-KRL21"Fabled Raven""마굉신 레이븐"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-KRL22"Necro Gardna""네크로 가드너"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRL23"Realm of Light""저스티스월드"Ultra RareField Spell2
DS14-KRL24"Solar Recharge""솔라 익스체인지"Ultra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-KRL25"Charge of the Light Brigade""빛의 원군"Ultra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-KRL26"Constellar Belt""세이크리드 벨트"Ultra RareContinuous Spell1
DS14-KRL27"Z-ONE""Z - ONE"Ultra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-KRL28"Terraforming""테라포밍"Ultra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-KRL29"Monster Reincarnation""죽은 자의 환생"Ultra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-KRL30"Foolish Burial""어리석은 매장"Ultra RareNormal Spell1
DS14-KRL31"Glorious Illusion""섬광의일루젼"Ultra RareContinuous Trap1
DS14-KRL32"Lightsworn Barrier""라이트로드 베리어"Ultra RareContinuous Trap1
DS14-KRL33"Vanquishing Light""라이트 배니시"Ultra RareCounter Trap1
DS14-KRL34"Beckoning Light""빛의 소집"Ultra RareNormal Trap1
DS14-KRL35"Needlebug Nest""바늘벌레 소굴"Ultra RareNormal Trap1
DS14-KRL36"Light End Dragon""라이트엔드 드래곤"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster1


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