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Image Uploads[edit]

First, I want to thank you for the great quality images you uploaded for the Korean version of DANE. It is great that there are more contributors to that language. And specially with such high quality images.

I just want to ask that when you upload card images you fill the Summary portion of the Upload page with the card name as follows:

{{OCG-TCG card image | name = NNN }}

Replacing the NNN part with the actual name of the card, as it is in the card list, not in the file name, because the file names remove spaces and other special characters, example:

File name: TGHalberdCannonAssaultMode-DANE-KR-SR-UE.png
Card name: T.G. Halberd Cannon/Assault Mode

So you would put the "Card name" T.G. Halberd Cannon/Assault Mode in the NNN part, not the "file name" TGHalberdCannonAssaultMode; as that would create an error.

I hope it is clear enough; I also went through this when I started uploading time ago, and now I just make it without thinking (specially since it is done automatically by a script). Any doubt, feel free to ask here, on my Talk page, or at the Discord server.

By the way, I uploaded the few different cards I pulled today that you haven't uploaded, I suppose you didn't pull those.

--Erdvilla (talkcontribs) 21:00, 6 May 2019 (UTC)