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Image of the BAMgo Spin Machine.

We’re thrilled to announce this exciting new feature for you BAM fans! Each time you enter the game, you’ll now get one FREE chance to win Coins, DP and Cards, with our new BAMgo Spin Machine! Create formations, and get the chance to win big! Each further spin costs only 1DP!

— blog, [1]
  • Matching a square on the board does not always give you the corresponding card. The player can win a free spin, Coins, CPs, DPs, Energy, Power-Ups and sometimes the corresponding card.
  • The official tutorial can be found here.


  • When an image on the board is matched, the player can win one of the following prizes:
  • Free spin
  • Corresponding card
  • Coins 5000
  • Coins 10000
  • Coins 15000
  • Coins 25000
  • Coins 50000
  • Card Pieces 10
  • Card Pieces 25
  • Card Pieces 50
  • Duel Points 1
  • Duel Points 2
  • Duel Points 3
  • Energy-30 30 Energy
  • Energy-100 100 Energy
  • Destroy Monster Destroy Monster
  • Destroy Spell Destroy Spell
  • Destroy All Monsters Destroy All Monsters
  • Destroy All Spells Destroy All Spells
  • Destroy All Destroy All


  1. "Patch Notes – 26/06/2013". Grand BAM.