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Series 1 - Alba Litora[edit]

World Map[edit]

Note: This first section contains the text displayed on the world map, starting at the introduction. As you complete chapters, more of this section is revealed.

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM! This is your world; a shattered place lost in time after a cataclysm that wiped out all traces of the duels. Click on the blinking Chapter Node to start your adventure.

With Yugi's help, you have started training for the BAM tournament. The person behind it is known as the "Organizer", whose identity remains shrouded in mystery. What's even more mysterious is that you were sent you a personal invitation, even though you had no prior knowledge of BAM! Anyways, you're not quite ready to duel on your own - you still need to learn about Spells!

You're making amazing progress, and you definitely show serious potential... Is it just a coincidence that the Organizer sent you a personal invitation to the BAM tournament? After all, some legendary duelists have also started showing up... You're up against some serious competition! It's time to go out there and test your skills - who knows who you'll meet?

Checking out a B!-T resulted in a brush with B!-Sec. The Hologuard made a big deal out of it. All this is pretty mysterious: you don't know anyone involved in the organization of the BAM Tournament, yet you get a personal invitation but are not allowed to go anywhere near the Training Facility... You head back to Yugi's studio: maybe he can help you make sense of it all?

The Ghouls kept ambushing you and they're clearly more interested in you than in your cards. Why? Plus, you received a personal invitation from the Organizer of the BAM tournament, even though you had no prior knowledge of BAM or its rules... Who is the leader of the Ghouls? Is he - or she - connected to the Organizer? The only way to find out is to keep moving forward!

Your encounter with the leader of the Ghouls confirmed that there is something in you that makes your BAM potential highly valuable. No doubt that Yugi, Yusei and Akiza have felt that and want to help you however they can. But the leader of the Ghouls - whoever he may be - has other intentions... it may not be too late to catch up with him to find out!

Why did your Friends turned against you? There was no reason with them, as though they were brainwashed? Could the leader of the Ghouls be behind this? You lost track of him towards the end of the level, then... you couldn't remember what happened.

Yugi found you unconscious on the other side of town. How did you end up there? But more urgent matters surfaced when Yugi learned of the disappearance of his friend Joey. Just as you set out to look for him, Seto showed up and requested to see how your skills had improved. You showed him, alright. As for Joey's wherabouts, X marks the spot: it seems he's been kidnapped and is held captive in an abandoned factory on the outskirts of town.

With Yugi's help, you disabled all the B!-Ts that locked the entrance to the factory. Seeing how many Ghouls you had to defeat to get inside, Joey must be close...

You rescued Joey but had to duel with him to bring him back. But no sooner had he recovered that Marik, the leader of the Ghouls, showed up and challenged you! You managed to beat him, but only to have B!-Sec show up and arrest Yugi. You had barely escaped with Joey and made it back to the training studio when you had a chance encounter with Yusei: only to learn that it was now Akiza who was missing! You accepted Yusei's request and the both of you split to look for her...

Thankfully, the figure that had been following you didn't mean any harm. It was Crow, Yusei's friend: a skilled duelist and a worthy ally. But first you had to prove your worth through a few duels against him!

Crow and you regrouped with Yusei. Together, you were able to hack your way into the hideout of yet another mysterious stranger. Will you find Akiza and learn the identity of her kidnapper?

You rescued Akiza, but Devack got the best of Yusei and Crow before they could do anything. It was up to you to defeat him and rescue Akiza. As you ran away towards the exit, more of your brainwashed friends tried to prevent you from escaping. Would they ever snap out of it? As you got closer to the exit, a feeling of dread came over you...

Hadn't it been for your B!-T hacking skills, you would all have been dead, because the building would have self-destructed. However, you still had to plow through hordes of Hologuards before you could get out... and fight a new powerful duelist! Luckily, Yusei and Crow handled it from there, so that you could get Akiza to safety.

Things were getting worse by the minute: you were now officially a fugitive! As expected, everyone turned against you... When will you get some rest?

Throughout your struggles against Devack, you never stopped thinking about Yugi and how to rescue him. Joey's plan to pose as a B!-Sec officer bringing you, the fugitive, into custody was simple yet perfect... except for one small detail: how would he be able to get his hands on a B!-Sec uniform? Who would have thought Seto would be the one helping you make it come true? All you needed to do was quench his thirst for duels...

Joey's plan worked out alright. You managed to get deep inside B!-Sec headquarters, and judging by the number of B!-Ts you had to hack, Yugi was definitely held prisoner nearby... And indeed he was!

Before leaving B!-Sec, Yugi wanted to investigate the corrupted Hologuards. It turned out that someone had hacked their source files and tampered with the code. That someone was Marik, who showed up with a few corrupted B!-Sec Hologuards just as you were about to clean the corrupt data. Too bad a big blast knocked Yugi and Joey out... A mysterious figure appeared through the hole created by the blast: Roman Goodwin!

So Roman was behind the brainwashing of your friends! Thankfully, Yusei, Akiza and Crow showed up just in time to handle the extra opponents. With only Roman standing between you and freedom, you took a few steps towards him... only to be stopped in your tracks by... Akiza?

You managed to make Akiza snap out of it after a few duels, only to have to go through Devack again. Roman used the opportunity to flee. Realizing he was losing, Devack tried to flee as well, but you caught up with him!

After going through the remnants of the corrupted B!-Sec Hologuards, you confronted Devack in an ultimate duel and defeated him... but not before he could prick you with a neuro-needle!

Why did you turn against your friends?

What is it with you? You friends, now free from the brainwashing, even tried to stop you, to no avail.

Devack had stunned you before fleeing, a parting gift of sorts that brainwashed you! But your friends brought you back at the peril of their lives. Is it all over, now?

On the eve of the BAM! tournament, you were reflecting with Yugi on what had happened when Marik tried one last time to get you. You successfully managed to defeat him and his Ghouls - for now, you guess. But one question remained unanswered: why was everyone trying to get you? What's so special about you that Marik, Devack and Roman would go to such great lengths to get you? Maybe you're not who you think you are?

1. Uncharted Territory[edit]

BAM-1. Uncharted Territory.png


Follow Yugi's advice to learn the basics and train for the BAM tournament.

You've got a long way to go, but Yugi believes there's something special about you...

Click on the nodes to play through the map and clear a path to the END of the chapter.

So far, the concept is pretty easy to grasp: drag-and-drop Monsters on the Field, then hit BAM!

That last duel proved pretty easy. There's surely more to BAM! than Monsters. Hey, wait a minute - is that a Treasure Node over there?


That's right! Click on a Node to travel there! Keep moving, now!

You're on your own now - give it all you've got!

You're doing great! One more time and we're done for now!


Use the mouse to drag your 3 cards to the available slots.

Let's continue our duel, so place your cards and hit BAM again!

In channel 1:

Your Monster destroys mine because its Power is higher!

In channel 2:

Our Monsters are evenly matched, so both are destroyed.

In channel 3:

My Monster destroys yours!


Now click BAM!

You're taking a beating! Have you tried filling all your slots with Monsters?

2. A Taste of Things to Come[edit]

BAM-2. A Taste of Things to Come.png


Spells are your friends. Once again, Yugi will show you how to best use them.

Yugi taught you how to use Spells and made you realize that there was more strategy to BAM! than you first thought.

Once again, you performed well and displayed a promising mastery of your Spells. Keep going!

Another victory! Proceed and claim your reward!


There's more to Flash Duels than Monsters, you know. You can use Spells as well!

Get your game on - I'm gonna show you some new tricks!

Don't forget to use Spells!

Wow! You show a lot of potential!

That's it for this Chapter: I'm impressed!


Looks to me like you're ready to play with Spells.

Take a look at the Field, then play your Spells.

You can use Spells to boost your Monsters or weaken your Opponent's.

You're getting the hang of this! Keep an eye out for more Spells in your deck. Play them wisely.

Not bad, not bad at all. But I've got a few tricks up my sleeve!

Are you sure you don't want to put 3 Monsters on the Field? Maybe you should...

3. Best Enemies Forever[edit]

BAM-3. Best Enemies Forever.png


You're a fast learner! Next on the list: Power-ups!

Now you know pretty much all there is to know about BAM! Many challenges await in the coming days: will you be able to tackle them and prove your worth? For now, it looks like it's going to be a quiet evening: so why don't you check out the BAM! Training Facility on your own?

B!-Ts - short for BAM! Terminals - are security devices spread all across Alba Litora. Since you must win the duel in order to proceed further, B!-Ts normally ensure that only qualified personnel can access restricted areas... You were just curious - hopefully no one will think you had any bad intentions...

Checking out the B!-T got you into a fight with a B!-Sec Hologuard. Be more careful next time around!

Hey - isn't that Seto Kaiba over there? He must be one of the special guests... Not only is he President of KaibaCorp, he's also a master duelist.

There is a strong rivalry between him and Yugi because of past events.

Looks like he spotted you - prepare to duel!

Wow - Seto is pretty arrogant. And you definitely feel that he didn't unleash his full power on you... He is a VIP at the Training Facility; maybe that means he knows more about the Organizer? Hopefully you'll learn more the next time you meet...


Next stop: How to use Power-Ups.

Simply put, a Power-up will almost always make you win. But once they're gone, they're gone - so use them wisely!

Restricted Area - Win Duel to Proceed..

Hey - who's that?

Hey, you, over there! The BAM Training Facility is closed. Besides, access is restricted to Security and VIP guests for the moment. Get out! Now!

What was that all about? It seems they know you around here...

Huh? What's Seto doing here?

Hey - aren't you Yugi's new pupil? How pathetic, that he would use someone like you to try and get to me!


Take a look at the Field and do the math - do you think you can win this round?

With Power-ups, you can! Go ahead, place all your Power-ups on the Field.

Hit BAM when you're ready!

Hit BAM when you're ready!

Ouch! As you can see, Power-ups can really get you out of trouble!

Just use them wisely: once they're gone, they're gone!

4. Ambushed[edit]

BAM-4. Ambushed.png


It's getting darker by the minute. You could swear you saw something - or someone - around the corner over there... Do you really need to go look for Power-ups tonight?

First B!-Sec Hologuards, now these "Ghouls"! They look like some sort of street gang or thieves; up to no good, that's for sure. You sure know how to make friends...

You've just begun your BAM training. Are your Cards really that powerful, that these hooded thugs would want to steal them? There's more to it, that's for sure. Better be careful not get ambushed!

Whew! That was a close call! But it looks like there's more of these "Ghouls" coming!

You can see Yugi's place from here. It's right around the corner - why did he pick such a remote place to train?

Yugi sure knows how to create cool combos! This lesson will surely help you build more powerful decks... which you'll no doubt need if you ever encounter more of these "Ghouls"! (Somehow, you feel you will...)


Hey - nice cards you got there! Hand them over!

I'll show you I mean business!

That's as far as you go!

How about one more go?

I'm surprised you made it this far... but you're not going any further!

This time, I'll win!

You haven't seen the last of me!

You were ambushed? Hmm... Let me show you how to build combos. Duel and learn!


You're not getting any further!

5. New Friends[edit]

BAM-5. New Friends.png


News of your deeds with the Ghouls have reached Yusei Fudo and Akiza Izinski, famous duelists known for their style and personality.

They were also invited to the BAM tournament, and they insisted upon meeting you. It's time for an introductory meeting!

Whoa! Yusei sure is powerful - better make sure you're playing with your best deck.

Yusei is as intrigued as you are by what happened to you: good thing he's on your side!

It looks like Akiza wants to duel too! She may just join Yusei and help you if you display your impressive duel skills!

You feel that Akiza is holding back a bit... as if she were afraid of hurting you.

Dueling with Yusei and Akiza left you exhausted. You decided to wander the streets for a bit and get some fresh air.

That mysterious duelist is way stronger than those Ghouls!

Could he be their leader?

There's your chance of finding out more about why he sent his goons after you.


I'm Yusei. They say you're pretty good - would you do me the honor of a duel?

Say that again? Hmm, there could be a link between the street thugs and the Organizer... I'll help you with your investigation. But first, let's have one more go!

My name is Akiza. I've been through a lot myself and I'll gladly lend you a hand - provided you defeat me in this duel!

Amazing! Come on, show me some more tricks!

Still wandering the streets alone, are we?

The Boss promised a reward to the first one who'd bring you to him!

I'm the leader of the Ghouls. I see they have failed to capture you. I'll take care of you myself!

5.1. Yusei's Extreme Challenge[edit]

BAM-5.1. Yusei's Extreme Challenge.png


Your new friend Yusei asked you to meet him at a local Dojo. Accepting his invitation, you make your way there. The first thing you notice is the size of the building. The second is the number of BAM! terminals. Yusei is standing next to the door. Are you sure you want to do this he asks. You can always come back later.

Yusei flips away and activates a switch. The Dojo's traps and modules come alive. The light dims. You hear Yusei from different directions, but can't see him. You feel confused and lost, but something tells you that you need to complete these trials!

These challenges are tough, but then again, only the best have the right to call themselves BAM Masters!

Yusei challenges you with every training technique he can think of. You're going to have to keep the pace!

After this duel, Yusei's teachings start to sink in. Some things are still difficult to grab, but you get the gist of what he's trying to teach you.

You realize that your friend is starting to slow down the pace. Or maybe you're the one picking up the pace? Yusei falls to the ground, fast asleep. You smile. He really gave everything he had. You turn the lights back on and shut down the machines. As you walk toward the exit, you notice that your legs are stiff and seem to weigh a ton. They're gonna hurt tomorrow. But like they say: no pain, no gain!


A true duelist has to be fit both mentally and physically. Are you in shape? Let's see how you fare against my Jurrac Titano! Remember: if it's too hard, you can always come back later.

Forget eyesight! You have other senses! Use everything you've got! Face my sneaky Monsters, such as the Dark Magician and the Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus!

I'll attack you with my Beast deck. Dodge all of my attacks and learn the way of the Beast. But watch out: they'll use Immune and Boost on themselves!

Plants are often underestimated. But look around: they're everywhere! You need to feel them breathe. Learn by going up against Tytannial, Princess of Camellias.

Run, jump, endure the pain! Continue your training with a duel against Fairies! This deck is balanced for Immunity and Boost!

Grab that spear and test it out while our Monsters face off in their Channels. My Beast-Warriors will do the same; they do like their heavy weapons!

Now take a sword and swing it around! How does it feel? Do you feel like a Warrior? See, my deck is full of 'em! Get ready to duel against these mountains of muscles!

You must be pretty confused! Being blind isn't a good feeling, eh? And to make it even more uncomfortable, I'll throw in some of the meanest Zombies I can find.

Another important part of training is learning how to take on tall adversaries! And what's taller than a Dinosaur?!

Moving in water is hard for humans, but not for Sea Serpents! Some of them are sneaky, others protect their allies. Some even Boost their team! That's what we call team spirit.

Water making you uncomfortable? Yes. It shows. That's why you need more training! Do like my Monsters: get used to water!

Blind, soaking, confused. Your senses should be ready! Are you? Then duel against my Water Boosting deck!

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Avoid the projectiles! Also, try to dodge my Monsters' direct damage! All of their attacks will bypass your Monster's defense! Endure and progress!

Never let your guard down! Some enemies will play dead; some cards, like mine, will attack after they're destroyed!

Some martial arts teach you to use your opponent's strength against him. In a duel, this effect is called Osmosis. This Fiend deck is filled with that effect!

You're good; you really are. You understand synergy and teamwork! Empathy and Soothe are classic examples of teamwork.

You're still standing? Good! Let's spar for a bit. The more you hit me, the angrier my creatures get. That's right! You'll be facing Rage Monsters.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Drain and Rage are a very dangerous combination. Let's do a few sit-ups while we duel, just to spice things up!

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Now for a bit of rope jumping. This exercise gets more difficult with time. Just like Drain Monsters. Let them damage your Life Points and they'll get too strong for you!

Now, I've set your rope on fire! Keep jumping while you deal with my Shocking Drain Monsters!

While we climb this rope, I challenge you with my Dragon deck!

How fast can you run? Let's put your speed to the test with my Explosion Monsters!

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Here, put on that armor. I'll show you how to pierce it. Monsters with Break Immunity are particularly apt at punching through en enemy's defenses. And this deck's full of 'em.

Let's go for a swim. And don't forget to hold your breath while I show you my Water Monsters!

Still standing? How many push-ups can do while you duel against my Osmosis Monsters?

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Your mind needs to be sharp. You've got to trust your instincts and rely on your wits. I challenge your spirit with my Psychic deck!

Now for an endurance challenge! Climb this slope while you duel against my Rock Monster. Their Life Points are prodigious! Will you be able to endure through the entire duel?

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Flash! Here's light in your eyes! Now let's see if you've learned to trust your other senses! Duel my Light Monsters!

Now for a little trial of dread and terror! If you're afraid, your BAM gets weaker. Duel this evil deck I bought during BAM-O-WEEN. It's frightening!

Birds are swift and agile. You would do well to learn from them. Here, face my Winged Beasts!

You can use Spell Cards in a duel, but try not to rely on them too much. You could go up against a Spellcaster!

In a duel, your Life Points represent your endurance. I've got a deck here that'll show you what it's like to duel an opponent with tons of Life Points.

Even when injured, you need to keep a good morale! Here's an example of the kind of card that can Cripple your Monsters.

Power Redistribution is a great show of teamwork! Learn from this Thunder deck how to manage such a level of synergy!

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

C'mon! Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, jump, run, dash, fight, dodge, lift those weights. Now let's duel!

Wait for it, wait, wai- DODGE! Perfect! See? Sometimes, you're better off waiting till the last moment before you act. Last Stand is just like that.

I'm starting to lose stamina; that's not good! Okay, let's duel! This deck is really strong, pure Attack Power! Watch out!

A well-trained BAM master can challenge anyone with any cards. Check this deck out: I built it with a bunch of random cards.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Some Monster families such as the Beasts and the Beast-Warriors work well together if the right Spell Cards are used. Lemme catch my breath during this duel!

Now, the ultimate tests to see if you've learned on which sense to rely in any situation. My deck is both a Dark and Light. Get ready to be blinded.

Did you ever duel in arctic conditions? I'll turn down the heat. Try to keep up against this Wind and Water deck.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

I'm so tired. You've got great stamina! Alright, let's see what you can do against this deck filled with direct damage.

Training procedure activated! Machine deck ready for confrontation.

Finally, the ultimate trial. Are you ready?

6. Former Friends?[edit]

BAM-6. Former Friends?.png


The chase is on!

You need to find out who attacked you... but most importantly, why.

Too bad - you won, but he got away.


Huh? Why would your friends attack you???


They don't seem quite normal... something in their eyes...

Could someone else be controlling them?

You won fair and square, but just before he left, that stranger stung you with something!

Your head starts spinning...

As you fall to the ground, unconscious, a dark figure looms over you...


Indeed, you show great potential... But now is not the time!

Must... destroy you!

I...will...get you!

No, we don't know each other!

This will be your final duel!

Well, well, well. Looks like I'm not the one who wants you to "join" his side! But where others have failed, I will succeed. Your powers will help me rule the world - and then some!

Oh, so you're looking for seconds, right? I may just have a little surprise for you...

Oooh, I'm scared!

7. The Plot Thickens[edit]

BAM-7. The Plot Thickens.png


You're in the woods, at the other end of town. Your head hurts.

You have no clue as to why or how you got there.

It felt like someone was carrying you but dropped you in a hurry.

Hey - is that Yugi coming towards you?

That duel with Yugi helped... a bit. But your memories are still a bit blurry - maybe another duel would do the trick? Hah! Now you remember: the dark alley, the ambush by a mysterious figure, the sting...

As you relate these events to Yugi, he frowns... You were lucky he spotted them and could catch up to save you!

You've found one of your kidnapper's accomplices! Quick, catch him before he runs away!

Yugi manages to get rather disturbing news from the Ghoul: his friend Joey Wheeler is in Alba Litora, where he's being held captive by the Ghouls!

But your conversation is once again interrupted by Seto.

He's always popping up at the worst of times...

The duel with Seto resulted in your Ghoul rival fainting before telling you more about Joey's whereabouts.

Since B!-Sec doesn't like you, you'll have to investigate this matter yourself...


What happened? It looks like you got knocked out... You can't remember anything? Maybe a duel or two will jog your memory!

A huge guy wearing a cloak was carrying you over his shoulder... Does that ring a bell?

I'll get you this time - hopefully. Prepare to duel!

Oops! Did I interrupt your little chat? I was just wondering if your dueling skills had improved at all.

Just checking if your reflexes were back!

Found you again!

How about I let you win again? I wouldn't want to make you cry!

8. Storming the Hideout[edit]

BAM-8. Storming the Hideout.png


Your investigation led you to an abandoned factory outside of town.

An unwary traveler could easily get ambushed here... thank goodness Yugi is with you!

There are B!-Ts all over the place. You'll have to hack them all to get inside the factory.

(It's not like it's the first time you've done that, right?)

That was fun!

That one was a bit too easy for your taste.

A little challenge wouldn't hurt!

Interesting combos - but alas, not strong enough to defeat your deck!

Getting closer...

Another one of your new friends was waiting for you...

?Now, that level 2 B!-T was a worthy challenge!

The gate to the factory has been unlocked.

You proceed inside with caution...


Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

This area is heavily guarded. You should give up now!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Why do you keep nosing around?

I thought I told you to go away. Oh, you're in for it now!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

8.1. Yugi's Expert Challenge![edit]

BAM-8.1. Yugi's Expert Challenge!.png


Yugi is giving a special seminar to promising duelists such as you. Do you have what it takes to earn your expert rank? Remember, not succeeding at first try is part of the game! If you find you lose too often, come back later when you've earned more cards!

You've just beaten Yugi's best Spellcaster deck. Rumors has he's already built a new deck that uses the Last Stand effect...

You are part of the very few select duelists who were able to beat Yugi's second class. You move on to the next class: Empathy.

Your skill has impressed Yugi so much that he's agreed to move you up to his last expert class: Drain.

You've beaten Yugi's top challenge! But don't rest on your laurels just yet, it's been said that there are other masters in this world waiting to challenge you!


Build your deck around elemental attributes, then boost all monsters of this attribute! This deck uses Light Monsters.

You can also build your deck around types of Monsters, then boost all Monsters of this type. Go Spellcasters!

A lot of insects have empathy, too.

Now let's see what happens if I pair up Drain and Last Stand...

Most spellcasters destroy spells. It is a great defense against even the most powerful of spells.

Notice how destroying spells works well with Call of Darkness and the Empathy effect!

Let's see how you fare if I add up Dark Magicians to my deck.

Last Stand doubles your Monster's Power if no cards remain in your deck. It's a great way to get the upper hand at the end of a duel.

I coupled Last Stand with Drain, let's see how it plays!

Can you feel the thundering power of my Raigeki card?

Empathy is a double edged sword. It boosts your monsters when you gain Life Points, but it cripples them when you lose Life Points.

Fairies have a natural tendency to have empathy.

Are you strong enough to defeat my mighty The Cheerful Coffin and Empathy combo?

Drain boosts your Monster when the Opponent loses Life Points. Wicked, huh?

I tried coupling Drain with a variety of other effects. Those among them that hurt the opponent work very well in combo with Drain.

I believe I found it... The ultimate deck... That is, until the next time we meet.

9. Escape![edit]

BAM-9. Escape!.png


Yugi and you have spotted several Ghouls patrols.

Looks like rescuing Joey - if he's even here! - won't be such a piece of cake, after all.

You must be getting close to Joey...

You found Joey! Maybe another duel will help him come back to his senses?

Just don't be too hard on him...

Joey's back and tells you both what happened.

As Yugi suspected, an old enemy, Marik Ishtar, is behind the kidnappings. He has got to be around here somewhere... let's look for him! .Whoa, Marik is truly a force to be reckoned with! But he's down for the count, at least for now... Hey! Where'd he go?

As you realize that there are B!-Sec Hologuards all over the place, it's too late: Yugi, mistaken for one of Marik's Ghouls, has been arrested!

He yells for you and Joey to get out!

B!-Sec means trouble. You've learned your lesson now.

You can see the exit, and there's one last Hologuard standing between you and freedom!

Better lay low for a while...


Hey - how did you manage to get in here?

Stop, or... or I'll tell the boss!

Go easy on me, OK?

My head still hurts... do we really need to keep dueling? I know you're trying to help, but...

There's no point in concealing my identity anymore. My name is Marik - and that's about all you need to know!

You didn't see this one coming, now did you?

You there, freeze!

We'll arrest you!

You're going to jail!

10. On the Hunt - Yet Again![edit]

BAM-10. On the Hunt - Yet Again!.png


In light of the recent events, several questions need to be answered:

Why was Joey kidnapped? What is Marik up to? How will you be able to rescue Yugi? You've never been much of a troublemaker, so why would B!-Sec be after you...?

But there are more urgent matters at hand: on your way back, Yusei catches up with you and tells you that Akiza has disappeared! You split up to look for Akiza...

Now, who was that?

This guy sure is tenacious...

But somehow, you don't feel threatened.

It's Crow Hogan - Yusei's long time friend.

He's heard about you, but before he can trust you, you'll need to win a couple of duels against him!

One more and you should be able to count on Crow's help to find Akiza.

You looked everywhere with Crow but couldn't find Akiza, not even the slightest clue...

Maybe Yusei had more luck?

You head back to the training facility with your newfound friend Crow.


Let's have some fun first, shall we?

You're pretty good!

(Yusei was right...)

You'll have to go through me first!

OK, enough with the games! My name is Crow. Yusei trusts you, but I wanna check for myself. Let's duel!

Am I interrupting something?

Let's have one more go, OK?

This is the last time, I promise! Win this one, and you win my trust!

This is the last time, I promise! Win this one, and you win my trust!

10.1. Seto's Arena Training[edit]

BAM-10.1. Seto's Arena Training.png


Seto invited you to his training facility. You don't entirely trust him, but some more training would help you prepare for the Duel Arena.

You have managed to impress Seto Kaiba! You follow him into the next room, where he takes another deck out of a bronze box.

You have beaten Seto's bronze deck! An impressive feat. As he pulls another deck from a silver box, he shoots you a sadistic smile.

You have inflamed Seto. His face is deformed by anger. Seto is NOT happy. Face contorted with rage, he motions for you to follow him into the next room.

Glowering at you, a sadistic smirk frozen on his face, Seto adds new cards to his deck. You don't like it one bit. He's obviously got a trick up his sleeve.

Seething with anger, Seto stomps into the last room. There, he grabs a golden box. You can hear his molars grinding as he slips a new deck out of the shiny case.

Seto falls to his knees, his cards scattered on the ground around him. He mumbles something about how it is all impossible and how much he is reminded of Yugi's might. After a while, he looks up. "I can't believe you defeated me. Go fight in the Arena. You're ready." As you are leaving, he shouts "But there are others! Some even I, Seto Kaiba, cannot defeat!"


You accepted my invitation. I'm surprised. Don't worry; I'll go easy on you. Here, I was about to throw this puny deck away, but let's see if you can beat it first.

Not bad. You managed to beat my brother's old deck. Now, this one's pretty much the same, but much more balanced!

It's true what they say. You truly CAN duel! But can you destroy these cards before they destroy you? Go ahead! Impress me!

This baby is custom-made to hit hard early on and end with a big surprise!

This deck is SO weak that even you could buy these cards!

My sneaky monsters are invincible. There's no way you can destroy them! Bwahahaha!

You think you're ready for the Arena? I very much doubt it. Here, duel me. Show me what you're made of.

I'm surprised you got that far in my training program! Now I'm angry, and so are my monsters. Feel their wrath!

My sneaky deck was no match for yours... But now I've perfected it. It's unbeatable!

Raaaah! I don't believe it! You can NOT win! I will be the Arena champion, not you!

The angrier I get, the more powerful my monsters grow! There's no way you can win!

You've never seen combos such as I use in this deck! This, I guarantee.

Thanks to KaibaCorp, I always have the strongest cards! Not so tough now, are we? You're never going to win in the Arena if you can't defeat me!

11. Three's a "CROWd"[edit]

BAM-11. Three's a "CROWd".png


While waiting for Yusei to come back, Crow challenges you to a few duels.

Looks like you have time for one more duel with Crow!

Hey - Yusei's back! When Crow tells him about your dueling skills, Yusei is impressed at how you've improved since your last duel - so it comes as no surprise that he would want to duel against you once more!

Yusei has discovered that Devack is behind Akiza's kidnapping. The three of you head for his hideout outside of town.

Two more B!-Ts and you'll be able to enter the hideout.

Two down, one to go!

You can now enter Devack's hideout... Oh wait! Someone's coming - prepare to duel!

The three of you make for one unstoppable team!

Now, where could Akiza be?


I think I could learn a thing or two by watching you duel. Let's go!

Would you care to oblige me again?

I'm curious to see how much you've improved!

It's me again - I'm really impressed, but I find it hard to believe that you could improve so much in so little time...

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Why do I have to do everything myself? Oh, it's you again - I wasn't expecting you so soon! Ha a ha!

11.1 The Ruin[edit]

BAM-11.1 The Ruin.png


The door to the ruins swings open on rusty hinges and you step in, the flickering light of your makeshift torch keeping the darkness at bay. Now that you're here, there's no turning back, so you forge ahead in ancient corridors covered in strange, mystical symbols.

These ruins are truly cursed! The shadows writhe and sigh around you. This is their world, and you will have to duel your way out of it.

You keep bumping into locked doors, and every time the shadows giggle; or is it your imagination? You have to unlock these doors before you slip into insanity.

The shade against whom you dueled has dissolved, but you still feel like someone is watching you. It's getting hard to breath, and with each step your feet feel heavier. You keep telling yourself that the exit isn't much farther...

Your legs finally give out and you fall to the ground. Just when you're about to give up, you make out a dim light in the distance. Drawing upon your last ounces of strength, you get back on your feet and make a run for the exit!


I summon thee, Dinosaurs! Survive the Rounds and get stronger and stronger! Devour this insolent whelp!

Welcome to our Shadow Kingdom, human. You should know that we cannot be destroyed. Like the Sea Serpents, we protect each other!

Our curse is as old as the world. Here, have a taste of these Rock cards. The Stone Dragon will destroy your spells and the Millennium Golem will obliterate your Life Points!

The power of darkness cannot be subdued! Try and you will only get hurt! The same goes for the Reptiles.

What do we have here? A new playmate? Are you a treasure hunter, little human? My Fish Monsters are eager to taste your blood!

If you are hurt, my Monsters will not hesitate to attack you without respite! You will be crushed and feasted upon!

Spells can destroy your Monsters, but they just make mine more powerful! Spells will 'spell' your demise.

Fishes attack in packs. When one bites, they all bite! You will be fish food soon enough.

We are as old as the Super-Ancient Dinobeast! You cannot protect yourself against its might! It will break your Immunity.

Destroying a Sea Serpent will only make the others stronger!

You are but a snack for the shadows! We will feed on your spirit! My Fish Monsters will feed on your Life Points!

Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon, empower your followers as I am by the night!

The master of the Rocks cannot be destroyed, for Stone grants a huge amount of Life Points! Try your luck, human!

Reptiles do not fear pain! Every time they lose Power, they hurt you back! The shadows will take your soul!

You can cripple these Monsters until they are destroyed, but you can never break the curse!

Is your mind playing tricks on you? Look closely as I destroy everything you throw at me! Even your precious Immunity will not suffice!

How long can you last? My Rock Monsters protect me and grant me enough Life Points to withstand anything!

You know why I use cards with Spirit Protection? Because it makes me undefeatable!

12. Versus[edit]

BAM-12. Versus.png


The hideout is heavily guarded by... your friends?

Yusei and Crow have darted ahead of you. What are you waiting for? Catch up with them!

Who was that? Could it be Devack?

Anyways, thanks to this stranger, you've lost sight of Yusei and Crow.

Nothing to do but keep moving on...

What has Devack done to your friends? They looked... brainwashed?

You've found Yusei and Crow - but it looks like someone got the best of them because they're lying on the ground, clutching their heads.

Devack's coming - better be prepared!

You got rid of Devack and you managed to free Akiza.

Yusei and Crow have caught up with you - but there's no time to celebrate, because the hideout's self-destruct mechanism has just been activated!


Devack said you'll soon be ours!

Devack... said... capture you!

I don't know you! Prepare to duel!

Yeah, right. Friends? Us?! Ha ha ha!

I feel I know you from somewhere but... aargh! Must.. attack... you!

You're a feisty one, aren't you?

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

I will take over your mind!

13. Self-Destruct[edit]

BAM-13. Self-Destruct.png


No time to waste - get moving!

There are Hologuards everywhere, even though the place is about to explode!

Here comes another one!

You got rid of the Hologuards. Now on to the B!-Ts to stop the self-destruct sequence!

Somehow, you're not sure hacking the terminals is going to cut it...

Looks like you were right: the self-destruct sequence is still active.

Yusei and Crow urge you to get out.

But as you turn around, a bulky figure appears!

People around here sure like to keep their identities concealed...

Maybe you'll find out who this is someday.

But for now, unless you want to be buried under tons of melting steel, you'd better get out of here with Akiza, Yusei and Crow!


Back-up! I need back-up!

This is the end of the road for you!

You belong in jail!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Self-destruct sequence activated - Win duel to abort.

Self-destruct sequence activated - Win duel to abort.

At last, I get to meet you! Now I'll see for myself just how strong you've become!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

You're not wanted here

14. Wanted[edit]

BAM-14. Wanted.png


You escape the burning building - only to find it surrounded by B!-Sec! Yusei and Crow urge you to run away with Akiza as they handle the Hologuards.

A few hours later, when you're back in town again, you see that the walls are covered with posters of you!

Have you become wanted? Your former friends sure seem to think so!

You've spent so much time with this person...

It's sad it had to end like this.

Could there be a way to make them snap out of it?

Maybe if you could find who was controlling them...

Funny thing, that they would only attack you...

Maybe the person controlling them is channeling the energy of your friendship to get to you?

Akiza is safe - for now.

But you can't help thinking about the dire fate that has befallen your friends...


Hey guys! Over here! I've got {Player}, the fugitive!

Well, well, well. We meet again, {Player}!

I remember you, {Player}. Prepare to duel!

The fugitive is here!

I'm taking you back to Devack, {Player}!

Soon, {Player}, you will join us!

Got you now!

It's just a matter of time before we get you, you know

15. An Unexpected Ally[edit]

BAM-15. An Unexpected Ally.png


Back at your place, you find Joey waiting for you. He's got a plan to get Yugi back: he'll pose as a B!-Sec Hologuard bringing you into custody!

After all, you're officially a fugitive now, aren't you?

You need only find a proper uniform for Joey...

But you'd better warm up a bit by obliging Joey to a few duels!

Joey wonders where he could find a B!-Sec Hologuard uniform...

You hate even considering it, but Seto might just be able to help you with this.

The both of you reluctantly head for Seto's training studio...

Seto's not going to go easy on you!

Interesting combos!

Finally - you got that B!-Sec uniform!

Now it's time for the second part of Joey's plan - hopefully, it will work!


How about warming up with a couple of duels?

I'm impressed - BAM truly feels like a second nature for you...

I'll give you what you want - if you give me what I want!

You show improvement, I'll give you that.

I was just getting warmed up, but now it's for real!

No trespassing. May I remind you that this is MY place?

Hey - don't go in that room!

This is private stuff, you know!

16. Undercover[edit]

BAM-16. Undercover.png


You got past the entrance of B!-Sec [sic]HQ.

Since you don't have a B!-Sec access card, you'll have to hack four B!-Ts to make the teleporter operational.

Joey seems to enjoy wearing the B!-Sec uniform.

You tell him to take his role a bit more seriously, unless he wants to blow his cover.

You sweat a little each time you hack a B!-T. Now more than ever is not the time - nor the place - to get caught!

You're getting closer!

Hopefully Yugi is still inside!

Great job! You've rescued Yugi!

Now get out of here!

You feel relieved now that Yugi's back, because, to be honest, Joey's dueling skills need a bit of polish...


Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

You don't look like you have the required access codes to be here!

Locked vault - Win duel to open.

Locked vault - Win duel to open.

You have no business here. I'm reporting you!

I won't let you release our prisoner!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

When will you guys give up? I'm getting tired of this

16.1. No Pain, No Gain[edit]

BAM-16.1. No Pain, No Gain.png


The news is all over Alba Litora! Now that people know that "The Organizer" hasn't set up a real BAM Tournament, the duelist community organized its own! The Tournament is approaching rapidly, so you and your friends have decided to train in the BAM store basement.

After showing Akiza and Joey your newly-earned BAM skills, Crow suggests trying out the Booster Packs. Everyone gets one. Crow opens his.

Even though Crow's boosted deck was rough, you made it! Akiza and Yusei open theirs. Akiza challenges you first.

That was a close one! Akiza's game improved a lot with the Booster Pack! Yusei seems surprised with his pack: "I've got three BAM! Legends." He raises his fist in the air, shouting, "Bring it on!"

Yusei is distressed by his defeat. You, on the other hand, are pretty proud of your victory! Yugi moves forward with his own Booster Pack. He opens it and slams it on the table. "Let's play," he says. He didn't even look at the cards he got. You find that both surprising and unsettling.

Yugi is an incredible duelist, and his Booster Pack was very strong! But even with the Heart of the Cards and his mighty BAM, you have prevailed! Yugi suggests a Booster Pack to upgrade your deck for the upcoming BAM Tournament.


Do you like my Alligator's Sword? It's got Sneak, which can defeat ANY of your monsters! Now, let's hope it's not crippled before its turn!

Hey! We're not finished!

I heard you've improved. You were already good... No matter. All your Monsters are going to be crippled by my Darkworld Thorns! It's showtime!

Look at all these cards! I've got Sanga of the Thunder in my Booster Pack! If its attack power isn't enough, it'll share it with his partners! Awesome!

Okay, maybe it didn't fit in my other deck, but what about this one?

I've bought another Booster Pack! Now, thanks to my Beasts and Beast-Warriors, I can't lose!

Acid Crawler's pretty good. Giant Scorpion of Tundra is great too. Okay, let's try this Drain-Empathy hybrid!

There was a Thought Ruler Archfiend in my Pack! It'll break through your Immunity and steal your Monster's power with Osmosis!

Why can't I win? My cards are super strong!

What do you think of Empathy? I'll try it now! I hope your cards can't hurt me directly.

Even if I get a lot of Backfire, this Dragon Deck constantly boosts itself. But don't worry; I'll go easy on you! I'll only use this Koumori Dragon!

Whew, that was rough! I'm not joking around anymore. Let's see what you can do against my new Stone Dragon. It destroys all Spells on the field, but my deck doesn't have any!

That does it! Enough is enough! In addition to my two other BAM! Legends, I add Hyper Psychic Blaster to my deck! Your White Holes and Waboku are gonna be useless!

So many cards! Raigeki, White Hole, Life Absorbing Machine! What if I mix it with my other Booster Pack?

I don't even know what's in my Booster Pack, but I'm adding three Dark Magicians and three Summoned Skulls to my deck!

I'M STILL HERE! I've bought ALL the Booster Packs available in the store. With all these BAM! Legends, there's no way I can lose

17. Hackers[edit]

BAM-17. Hackers.png


During his captivity, Yugi learned that the B!-Sec Hologuards have been corrupted by a virus.

Before leaving B!-Sec HQ, it might be a good idea to try and find how you could solve that problem... unless you want to spend the rest of your days with B!-Sec on your case!

You didn't even know there were level 3 Hologuards!

These guys mean business!

Keep em coming, then!

Hopefully, this ends soon, because you're getting exhausted.

Marik! So he's the one behind all this!

But why reprogram B!-Sec so they would try to arrest you?

What's so special about you...

... that Marik would go to such lengths to try and capture you? Here he comes again!

Marik ran away - again.

Just as you hit your last BAM, a powerful blast knocks both Yugi and Joey down.

A bulky stranger appears...


I have explicit orders to arrest you!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

I've dealt with worst troublemakers before!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, I've tampered with the source code controlling the Hologuards. Just thought you should know before I wipe the floor with you!

You're no match for me!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Locked vault - Wind [sic] duel to open.

Stay away from the boss!

Did you really think I was going to let you go after telling you my little secret?

We meet again

18. The Stranger[edit]

BAM-18. The Stranger.png


The bulky stranger is none other than Roman Goodwin!

Time to show him what you're made of!

You've won, but Roman doesn't seem to suffer from it in the least. He snaps his fingers and several of your brainwashed friends appear, running at you!

So Roman and Devack have been controlling your friends all along.

Hopefully, your friends will come to their senses.

Another one...

Your victory is bittersweet.

When will they snap out of it?

Here come Yusei, Crow and Akiza! They've heard of your arrest and decided to come and lend you a hand.

Oh no! Has Akiza been brainwashed as well?


You'll get the same treatment your friends got. Then your power will be mine!

Help... me, {Player}!

I... don't... mean... any... harm... but I have to destroy you!

There's something you should know, {Player}. Roman is... aaargh!

My mind... controlled by Ro... Aargh! Must... FIGHT!

Save me, {Player}! Break Roman's hold over my m... aargh!


Help... me... {Player}. Can't... control... myself! Must... defeat... YOU!

I hadn't forgotten about you!

Locked vault - Win duel to open.

19. Brainwashed![edit]

BAM-19. Brainwashed!.png


Akiza is coming towards you.

You can't do anything but duel against her and hope this makes her snap out of it!

Thank goodness, a single duel was enough to bring Akiza back.

While Yusei and Crow tend to her wounds, you take care of Devack, who has just showed up to taunt you once more!

Devack owes you some explanations - that's why you're running after him!

Brainwashed friends, corrupted B!-Sec Hologuards... somehow, you're the missing link!

Maybe Devack holds the key to it all?

This last duel almost caused you to lose sight of Devack.

You've won this one against Devack.

But where's Roman? You realize that Devack was just a diversion so Roman could get away!


Getting... harder... to... fight back... HURRY UP!

This time, it really is the end of the road for you!

What were you thinking, storming our HQ?!

I'm growing tired of your games... Prepare to duel!


Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

Oops! I didn't think I'd get caught! Er... let's duel!

Locked vault - Win duel to open.

You will join us or be destroyed!

20. Final Chase[edit]

BAM-20. Final Chase.png


You chase Devack down the corridors of B!-Sec.

This is going to be epic!

Devack is such a coward! Why does he keep running away?

These Hologuards are no match for you!

You wouldn't have gotten this far without powerful decks... and Yugi's coaching!

Devack proved to be a surprisingly strong duelist in this one!

Nevermind, here comes another wave of Hologuards!

This is getting ridiculous...

Watch out, here comes another one!

You're catching up with Devack...

Devack managed to slip away again...

Great duel!

This Hologuard sure could use some training lessons...

Actually, that's not a bad idea... When this is all over, maybe you could open your own BAM studio? Devack is waiting for you down the hall. He looks serene - almost too much so.

Ouch! What was that prick! Your head is spinning and your mind becomes filled with hatred... what's happening to you?




Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

That's it! Show me what you've got!



Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

I'll have the last laugh... maybe not now, but soon!



Ha! Don't you dare sneak up on me like that!

Restricted area - Win duel to proceed.

You'll never get me!

Perfect! You fell into my trap! Here's a little parting gift for you... Hope it doesn't sting too much! Ha ha ha!

20.1. Ghouls Hideout[edit]

BAM-20.1. Ghouls Hideout.png


One of the BAM! Terminals you hacked revealed the location of the Ghouls' hideout. Gathering your courage, you stealthily head inside.

You hit Devack really hard, but reinforcements are on the way. You see a familiar silhouette in the distance, dark and bulky. Roman...

What's going on? Since when are Roman and Devack in league with the Ghouls? You hear screams and turn around. What you see can only be described as an army of Ghouls.

You BAM! Marik pretty hard, but he escapes further into the complex. You dash after him, but quickly find yourself surrounded by lesser Ghouls. You don't have time to bother with such small fry.

All the Ghouls are down. You rush to the last room, and when you enter, your eyes widen. The three great duelists seem taller and scarier in the dimly lit room. They're standing around a ritualistic dueling field, waiting for you. Slowly walking up to them, you scan every corner for a trap. They look at you, proud and strong. Devack sits down; he will be your first opponent.

The strength of your BAM! seems without equal. Devack was no match for it. He furiously punches the table. Roman pushes him out of the chair and takes his place.

Roman's brows knit. He closes his eyes and, without a word, gets out of the chair to let Marik sit.

Marik isn't laughing anymore. His last Life Points are depleted. The three great duelists have fallen. You've won. Marik stands up, staring you straight in the eyes, a macabre smile on his lips. Suddenly, the lights go out! You jump, startled and ready to fight. From the utter silence slithers in a cryptic whisper: It does not matter. We are the Ghouls. Even if you bury us, we will get out. We are the Ghouls. We will meet again. When the lights come back on, you're alone. Your opponents have inexplicably vanished.


Wha-?! What are you doing here?!

How did you get here? Never mind, I'll shock you with my Thunder Monsters!

Huh?! Sound the alarm! I'll hold him off with my Thunder deck!

That's just crazy!

Calm down, all of you! Take him down! You don't stand a chance against my Sanga of the Thunder.

I'll make sure that he doesn't take one step in that room!

You? Ha ha ha! You're insane, coming here! Now, you're mine! Behold the Ultimate Thunder deck!

He's got Devack! Take him away; I'll cover your escape with spells!

You don't scare me. Bring it on!

My spells cannot be defeated. You sure you wanna try?

So you've come. I was wondering how long you'd take. Go on, show me your BAM! for mine is mighty!

You don't stand a chance. Here, you're in our world. Behold the power of darkness!

Gasp... You're here already? Damn it!

Ha ha ha! You don't understand, do you? You CANNOT win! My monsters will cripple yours!

Ah! So you're what all the fuss is about. I don't like being disturbed while I'm practicing. Would you like to practice with me?

What? He's got Marik? Who are you?

Stop it! Get away!

I'm the last one? It's all on me, now. I won't fail. Winged Beasts, forward!

Ugh! Young one, your end has come. Ready to meet your doom?

Devack is a fool for underestimating you! I won't make the same mistake. My spells are ready; are yours?

Ha ha ha! That makes absolutely no sense! It's so absurd, it's hilarious! You? Here? Trying to beat us all? That must be a joke! A really, REALLY bad one!

21. Big BAM - Part 1[edit]

BAM-21. Big BAM - Part 1.png


Yusei, Crow and Akiza have come to check on you... but you attack them!

You've defeated Yusei! Why would you do such a thing?

You have a terrible headache...

You've won the duel against Yusei, but it looks like he's still up. You hear a voice in your head commanding you to go after him!

Is someone controlling your mind? Why do you feel so angry all of a sudden?

You've badly wounded Akiza... As you extend your hand to help her up, you feel a sharp pain in your skull!

Hacking B!-Ts is child's play, now.

Now it's Yusei's turn to be knocked down. You feel sad and would like to help, but you feel compelled to run away...


{Player}, what happened to you!


{Player}! Fight off Devack's mind control!

Maybe if I win this duel...

We are your friends!

I'm not giving up!

{Player}, it's me, Akiza!

{Player}, snap out of it!

I won't let you down, even if it means...

22. Big BAM - Part 2[edit]

BAM-22. Big BAM - Part 2.png


That sting! Devack must have stung you with a neuro-needle during your last fight! He must be the one controlling you and forcing you to turn against your friends...

Such a horrible feeling...

Oh, no! Not Joey!

You feel helpless...

Though it caused you great pain, you did all you could not to hurt Yugi... hopefully, he'll be able to help you out of this mess!

When will it stop?

Who would've thought you'd cause so much pain to the ones you love?

To think this was one of your friends!

There must be a way out...

This is an evening you'll remember forever... if you make it out alive and sane, that is!


{Player}, I'm your friend!

Whoa! What's going on? Why would you want to duel with me now?

{Player}, stop!

That glint in your eyes... something's wrong with you!

You broke Devack's hold on me, but I see he's controlling you now!

Let us help you fight back!

{Player}, I'm your friend and I won't let you down!

Think of all the good times we had together, {Player}!

I won't give up on you!

What? Aren't you supposed to be on our side now?

Let's duel!

22.1. A Ray of Hope[edit]

BAM-22.1. A Ray of Hope.png


A few days after the events in the Ghouls' hideout, you contact Seto Kaiba to ask for his help. Even if he irritates you, you need his resources to find where your nemesis went. Not so long after you got a hold of him, Seto asks you to meet him.

Seto explains that he found Devack outside the city, but he also says that it feels like a trap. You agree with him; Devack tends to be cunning. Seto offers his help at one condition: you must defeat him once more!

You have defeated one of Seto's best decks. He agrees to accompany you to the outskirts of Alba Litora. You walk on the wooden pier that leads to the location Seto told you about when you see Devack, alone. You yell at him to stand down, but he's already getting his deck ready.

As you strike the last blow, Devack screams for backup. Roman appears with a bunch of Ghouls. "I'll take care of the weaklings, you take Roman" Seto says. You nod and rush at your enemy.

When Roman's Life Points reach zero, you hear Seto scream. You turn in time to see him removing a brainwashing dart from his neck. Devack falls unconscious with a dark grin. You have to act fast; the Ghouls are fleeing one way and Seto is going crazy in the other.

The needle that Devack threw at Seto seems different than any other you've seen. He's not only brainwashed, he's insanely violent.

With your help, Seto fights off the poison. Looking around, you see all these men on the ground. Has this war happened because of you? Is your natural ability with BAM a gift or a curse? While you think, your ally calls BAM Security. Devack, Roman and the rest of the Ghouls must answer for their crimes before the Alba Litora Justice Court. Some peace, at last.

You took down all the Ghouls. Now it's time to bring them to justice!


At last! I've waited long enough. Let's duel now to make up for lost time!

Well played. You've improved. But if you truly want that info, you'll have to beat this incredibly expensive deck.

I don't hang out with weaklings. This deck is one of my favorites. You couldn't even think about buying it; it's much too expensive for the likes of you.

Oh no! I'm surprised to see you here. Or am I really? I knew you'd be coming, and I've got my Sea Serpents ready! This time, when you strike a Monster down, the others become Immune!

Don't you know that the Sea Serpents are like us, like the Ghouls? They look out for each other. You don't stand a chance!

Come on! I'll play my best Thunder cards with my Sea Serpents. Try to deal with that!

I'll take you down. You'll fall into the Abyss!

The darkness of these exclusive cards will surround you and devour you!

The more you attack my cards, the closer to annihilation you get! Most of them have after-death effects.

Stop picking on us!

Like the Rock, we are immortal! Because, you know, the Rock Monsters have a lot of Life Points.

We are the Mountain, we are the Earth. You cannot hope to get to our Masters!

You cannot defeat Lord Roman! He is invincible!

We refuse to lose to the likes of you!

They told me to watch your exit. I'm not budging one inch! I'm solid like my Rock Monsters!

What? Alright, alright, I'm ready! Bring it on! My Millennium Golem is like Roman, it inspires all my other Monsters!

Look to your friend! The same thing will happen to you! I'll crush you with my Millennium Golem!

Run! Go away! He's back!

I fear nothing as long as I have my Rock cards with me! They grant me a really huge amount of Life Points! I will not fail!

I'll hold him off with my Dinosaurs! Escape! Flee, my brothers!

You'd better destroy us right now! Because, like the Dinosaurs, the more you wait, the stronger we get!

I'll put an end to you! Even if it's the last thing I do...

RAAAAARGH! It's in my head! Do something, you worthless excuse for a duelist!

The... The voices are asking me to sacrifice my cards! To sacrifice my life to the Ghouls. I'll sacrifice yours instead!

My brain is melting! SO MUCH PAIN! If I'm to get my mind back, I have to defeat you! I don't care if I lose all my cards doing it.

23. Big BAM - Finale[edit]

BAM-23. Big BAM - Finale.png


You're just too strong! Even your strongest friends can't stop you!

Wait a minute - is that it? Could it be that you have unique BAM potential, and that's why everyone's out to get you...? That would make sense.

A sharp pain in your brain brings you back to reality: someone else is controlling your mind, and this person is commanding you to attack Seto!

Amidst the confusion in your brain, your memories start to resurface...

You've always felt different.

Ever since you started training for the BAM tournament, your BAM has been getting louder and louder...

It's as though you could channel the sound waves to create a powerful sonic impact...

With every BAM, you can feel the rush in your blood, in your brain, in your heart... could it be genetic?

You don't know much about your family...

Yugi! Yugi is coming, and he has a fierce look in his eyes! Maybe this time he'll manage to make you stop!

Yugi managed to bring you back! Exhausted, you fall to the ground, unconscious.


No surprise the others failed... Guess it's up to me to make you come back to your senses!

OK, I admit it's going to be a bit harder than I thought - then again, I DO like a challenge!

Whoa, talk about bad timing!

How about this deck?

How about that one?

I won't give up!

I'll win!

I.. aaargh!

I get the feeling I'm interrupting something here...

{Player}! I'll save you. I never expected Seto to show up and help us!

23.1. The Insanity[edit]

BAM-23.1. The Insanity.png


You have successfully hacked the corrupted Hologuard and breached the techno-virus that Marik planted on him. In Augmented Reality, you navigate through Marik's security. None of the data you see makes any sense for now. You'll have to decrypt it on the fly, since there's anti-hacking security homing in on you!

You just realized that Marik is in Augmented Reality too, and the both of you are playing a game of hunter and prey. The good news is that during the duel, you decrypted the mainframe's binary code.

Marik is right: Augmented Reality is a dangerous way to explore a computer. Still, you have to find the Ghouls' whereabouts and bring their whole organization down once and for all!

You have gained access to Marik's personal files. Security is tight, but you have to get in!

Marik's plans are being downloaded to your computer. Now you'll know what he's up to!

The logs are archived just a little bit further. You're very close.

You finally gained access to the Ghouls' logs and sent the incriminating evidence against Marik to the local authorities. They're already on their way. The nightmare is finally coming to an end.

You destroyed Marik's avatar again. All that's left to do is hack his password in order to steal the funds for his evil plan. Where does he get all that money anyways?







Trying to hack us? I don't think so! I'll take you down with my Sneak Monsters and my Dragons.

Exterminate virus.

Firewall malfunction. Annihilate threat.

Found you! You were trying to hide in these folders, eh?! There is no hiding from Volcanic Doomfire; it'll blow everything up if you touch him!

Data compromised.

Error. Error. Error.

System parameters corrupted.

There you are! You know, the noise feedback from a lost duel would turn your brain to mush in Augmented Reality! And I'll make sure that it does!

What are you doing to my bank account? You're actually trying to steal from me? HA HA HA!

Wrong ID. Enter admin info to reset password.

D-D-D-D-Danger! D-D-D-D-Destroy!

You're actually trying to hack my computer? You're funny!

Restricted folder. Raise security level to sixteen.

Security breach. Enable the Counter Worm.

You're trying to access my lord's plan folders? How clever. Do you know how much I hate you?

HA HA! The Counter Worm has been activated! In the computer's mainframe, my deck has infinite Power! My Dragons work together toward your doom!

Hacker detected. Perform data backup on separated drive and wipe memory clean.

What are you doing here? Damn it! Activate lockdown sequence!

Threat level raised from Red to Black. Danger!

Work, you stupid program, work! Why aren't you opening? He's here!

Access limited to admin. Please enter password.

How are you doing that? Nobody's that strong! But, against Empathy, strength doesn't cut it.

Wrong username. Modification denied.


Downloading update. Process corrupted. Searching for solution. Error.

No way! You're not getting anywhere near the Anti-Hacking software!

Transfer computer logs to secure drive.

Oh, no you don't! You're not getting access to those logs on my watch!

Last resort hacking countermeasure activated.

COME BACK! We're having so much fun! HA HA HAAAAaaaa! I'll destroy you slowly, one Cripple at the time, to see you suffer on my computer's screen! Forever!

24. Is It Really Over?[edit]

BAM-24. Is It Really Over?.png


It's a few moments after dawn when you wake up, surrounded by all your friends. Relieved that you're now feeling better and no longer brainwashed, they leave you to rest. You go out for a breath of fresh air, when suddenly... Marik shows up for one last duel!

This Ghoul was no match for you!

You'll make Marik pay!

Piece of cake!

Ghouls are not welcome visitors here!

Marik seems exhausted... third time's the charm! But he runs away as Ghouls rush you.

They're just no match for you.

This one's down for the count.

Next in the line: Marik!

Marik has been defeated. He won't cause any more trouble. And B!-Sec should give you a break, now, leaving you plenty of time to ponder and reflect: why were you gifted which such amazing BAM skills?


This is going to be epic!

Your end is nigh!

I thought no one would notice me... But you did, so I guess we'll have to duel it out, right?

You won't survive this fight!

I'll stop you!

You should give up now!

Surrender now!

It ain't over till it's over!

Don't tell me you had no idea this was coming!

There's too many of us for you to handle!

Whoa! You startled me! To be honest, I was kinda hoping you wouldn't make it this far... Er, now we duel, right?

I've had enough of you!

It ain't over till it's over!

Series 2 - Tropica City[edit]

1. Tropica-Bound[edit]

BAM-1. Tropica-Bound.png


A secret message let on that the Organizer could be in Tropica City. So, you pack your bags, get your decks ready, rent a bike and shred along the Tropica Highway. At one point, a strange man with orange hair pulls you over. As he's getting off his chopper, he introduces himself as Hunter Pace and challenges you to a duel. You happily oblige him! Time to see what the locals are made of!

With a mocking smile, you get back on your bike and make for the capital city. As you're burning rubber on the highway, you spot a sign stating "Series 2 cards only".


New in town, are we? Well, kiddo, let's roll! Think you can handle my Evoltiles?

I'm the one and only master of the highway! My boys Evoltiles will boost the other Level 1 Monsters on my team. Fast Lane team, son. Represent!

What are you doing with Series 1 cards? That's SO last year! Hah!

Man, I'd love to race you! You've the spirit of a true biker!

Gosh, you don't let go easy, kiddo. Okay, start your engine!

What are you doin' in my pit stop? Alright, then; let's duel!

Alright, I've had it! You're spinning my wheels, man! Face my Evolsaur Darwino!

Evoltiles and Evolsaurs make a great team! Bring it on, son!

2. A Friend's Past[edit]

BAM-2. A Friend's Past.png


You had barely set foot in Tropica City that Yusei had invited you to train with him. It'll do you good to stretch your legs a bit! Maybe he can help you to find some information about the Organizer.

The door swings loudly. Hunter, the guy with the orange hair, steps in followed by another Tropica City citizen. Yusei frowns and whispers Jack. You have no idea what's going on, but you know that your friend is not happy right now. Before you can even get a word out, Hunter challenges you.

After the duel, you ask him if he knows anything about the Organizer. Jack stands up, smiling. You get the sudden realization that he wasn't playing seriously. He grabs his bag and walks out without answering. You haven't seen the last of him; you can feel it in your guts.

Hunter tells you he has no idea who this Organizer is. Next time you two meet, he says, you're finishing second. Eat my dust, he says as he leaves.


Ah! You're here! Wanna duel before my next round of push-ups? But I'm warning you: I will cripple you with my Gusto Winged Beasts!

You haven't lost your touch! I'm impressed; you can deal with Series 2 cards as well as with Series 1.

I've got my Gusto Griffin and my Gusto Thunbolt. Don't try to get your Even Level Monsters Immune!

Revenge will be mine! Get ready, kiddo; you're about to learn the true meaning of suffering at the hands of Reptiles and Dinosaurs!

I'm Jack. I just defeated Yusei. Pretty easily, too. Choose your deck carefully because I'm using my Watt Monsters. Their abilities vary, so be ready for anything!

Not bad. I'm not impressed, though. I hope your Monsters are above Level 4, because I'll be using my Wattaildragon. Ready?

Pfff. Alright, you've got something going. I'm intrigued. Ever heard of Empathy? Well, some Watt Monsters specialize in that art.

Tell you what: I'll let you take two Spell Cards from my bag if you defeat my Thunder deck.

Four Evolsaurs, four Evolution Pills... You're out of luck, man!

I'll deplete your Life Points faster than my bike can go from zero to sixty with endless Reptiles charges!

2.1 Power of Friendship[edit]

BAM-2.1 Power of Friendship.png


Yugi and Yusei want to show you a new type of card: the Friendship Cards! They'd like you to practice with B!-Ts first. Yugi and Yusei will set the difficulty level for you.

The more friends you have, the stronger the Friendship Cards get. It's time to make new friends!


Difficulty Level: 01 Friend - Win duel to proceed.

Difficulty Level: 02 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

Difficulty Level: 04 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

Difficulty Level: 05 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

Difficulty Level: 05 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

As expected, you're doing great. Let's see how you fare against my Dragunity Darkspear!

Difficulty Level: 04 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

Difficulty Level: 06 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

I've got more than 5 friends. What will you do now?

Difficulty Level: ERROR

Difficulty Level: 07 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

I made some changes. This deck is sure to cripple you!

Difficulty Level: 08 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

Dragunity cards have powerful Friendship effects. Allow me to show you the Felgrand Dragon!

I've added a little something to my deck: the Dark Magician Girl!

If I tell you I have 15 friends, do you think you can beat me?

2.2 Duelist Training Center[edit]


You will face decks created by other duelists. All decks contain: -Series 1 and 2 cards. -1 Monster type only. -A minimum of 2 Spells. Can you beat every deck?

Congratulations! Your training is done.


Win duel to proceed.

Win duel to proceed.

Win duel to proceed.

3. Books and Duels[edit]

BAM-3. Books and Duels.png


After what happened at the gym, you decide to head to the Tropica City Library. It's probably the best place to start looking for clues about the Organizer. After a few hours of research, a silver-haired young man approaches you and politely asks you to duel. Glad for the distraction, you graciously accept his offer. You both head up to the recreational section of the building. Bakura is a very nice young man. But there's something odd about him. You just can't put your finger on it...

Just as you're about to hit the books again, you hear someone calling your name in a rude and unfriendly tone. You turn around and see this timid boy staring at you. He reminds you of someone...

You're very tired and want nothing more than to hit the sheets and grab some Z's. Just as you're leaving the library, you see Bakura waiting for you. Something's very wrong with him. As you approach, you notice a difference in his bearing.

You wonder what's wrong with Bakura. He was so kind and friendly the first time you met, and now... It's like he's a totally different person! What's going on?!


Don't use too many Monsters. My Naturia Monsters are pretty shy, and I couldn't bear it if something were to happen to them.

Some Naturia Monsters can heal themselves when the Opponent's Monsters are weakened, and some of them grow very, very fast!

Difficulty Level: 10 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

Difficulty Level: 19 Friends - Win duel to proceed.

If your Monsters gain power, mine will too! These Naturia are so beautiful. They're my favorite!

I... I... Leave my Naturia in peace once and for all!

Win duel to proceed.

Let me show you how strong my Crystal Beasts are!

I'll become stronger than my brother Seto and I'll beat you! My Crystal Beasts will also get more powerful. Get ready!

Arrrgh! No way you could've beaten my brother without cheating. He's stronger than you. He's the best! My Amber Mammoth will trample you and grind your bones to dust!!!

There's no escape from this fight. I'll defeat you and bring peace to the world.

There's nothing can you do against Immuned Monsters and the power of the Megarock Dragon! You will perish!

Let's see how you deal with my Guardians! There WILL be peace, even if I have to destroy everything in this world.

4. New Friend, New Foe[edit]

BAM-4. New Friend, New Foe.png


Now that you're done with the Tropica City Library, you decide to take a break and visit the town. The city is still unfamiliar, and it's not long before you're lost, finding yourself in a cemetery of all places. All of a sudden, you hear yells and angry screams. This feels ominous.

Just like you, Jaden is on a mission. He is hunting the Cavaliers, who have kidnapped his friends and cursed him. He's chasing a man called Amnael. Perhaps you could join forces: help him find Amnael and he might help you finding the Organizer.

This Amnael character sure is a challenge, easily stunning Jaden and ambushing you without warning. Just as you're about to defeat him, he escapes. One thing is for certain: it's not the last time you'll fight him!

There is danger in the silence of Amnael! The Cavaliers need to be stopped no matter the cost. Why does making friends always seems to mean taking on new enemies?


You! Stop right there! Are you one of the Cavaliers? I'll defeat you with my Elemental HEROs!

give me your souls ...

Next time, he won't be able to beat me like that! Look at how many Life Points I've got now!

I'm now immune to everything and I'll be able to destroy all of his spells.

... you can't escape the pain ...

The souls I've captured make my monsters stronger every time I duel!

Will this deck be strong enough for the Cavaliers? When my monsters' power increases, it gives me Life Points!

... need souls ...

Next time I see Amnael, I'll keep my Life Points up by constantly healing myself. He won't be able to beat me.

... I feel powerful again ...

Let me try this deck against you! Be careful, each time you destroy one of my monsters, you'll trigger a counter-effect.

... the voice! I need to silence the voice!

Check this out! You've never seen monsters gain that much power so quickly.

I can destroy all their spells. And even if I fail to do so, my monsters are immune. They're done for.

... I WILL write your souls in my book ...

... shock

5. Spirituality[edit]

BAM-5. Spirituality.png


You get to the temple before Yugi. While you wait, you decide to explore the premises. There are several statues of people you don't know. When Yugi gets there, you ask him about the temple. He says that if you win a few duels against him, he'll tell you more about it.

Yugi explains that the statues represents ancient entities called Channelers. They were an ancient race of god-like beings. By the look on Yugi's face, you know you'll have to duel him again to know more!

According to legend, the temple was a neutral ground where Channelers convened and dueled against one another. Their dueling abilities were far beyond those of mortal men.

Just before entering the temple, you remember that Yugi wanted to talk to you about The Organizer. He has learned that this 'man' gains power by winning duels. The more people he duels, the mightier he becomes. If that's true, dueling him will only make him stronger!

As you enter the temple, you are attacked by two young duelists you've never seen before. What are they doing there? Were they waiting for you?

As you go deeper into the temple, they keep attacking you. What do they want? What are they after?

You ask Yugi why he wanted to talk about the Organizer here? Are the temple and The Organizer related in some way? He tells you that there is a link between this place and The Organizer, but he doesn't know what it is. He was hoping to learn more by exploring the temple.


I know a few things about this place. I'll tell you what you want to know... IF you beat my Gishki deck.

Nicely done! Now let me try this special Water deck. You might be in for a surprise!

People tend to forget about old strategies. Let me show you that an Empathy deck can still be formidable.

You know, you're really good at this. Let me show you how powerful it is to control your inner rage.

When warriors synergize well, they become very hard to stop!

Aren't you tired after climbing these stairs? Especially since you're crippled?

The temple entrance. After you... No, wait! I'll be the first to strike!

Stop right there, weaklings! Good. Keep obeying and you'll be just fine! Now, Give us everything you have!

Pfffft! I went easy on you, there. I wished to test your strength. Now feel my outstanding and mighty power!

That wasn't fair! There were two of you and one of me! AAARRGHH I'll show you how strong I really am! And don't cheat, this time!

Calm down, Weevil. Let my plants handle this. I'm sure you can't even beat plants!

I see... Now's your chance to hand over your cards and run. Otherwise, my fairies will crush you!

Now you've done it! I'll show you what a true underworld duelist is made of! You don't stand a chance when dark and light monsters fight together!

6. A Very Dark Night[edit]

BAM-6. A Very Dark Night.png


A riot in Tropica City Prison? That's no good! Maybe you can help. Who knows? I could bring you closer to the Organizer.

There's chaos everywhere! Did you arrive too late to stop the rioters from escaping? Let's dive in and find out!

It's Devack! Devack is behind the prison break! And if he's here, Roman must not be far!

There are just too many to stop! Time for another strategy. This is too big for Roman and Devack alone. Let's follow them and find out who else is pulling the strings.


We're in prison because of you! Now it's payback time! I'll wipe you out!

Stop right there! I want my revenge. My overpowered machines will crush you!

I'm not done with you yet! This time, I'll cripple your monsters while mine get stronger!

I'll destroy each and every one of your monsters and watch you suffer!

Welcome pawn! You fell into our trap! We'll espace [sic] this prison and destroy you in the process. You can't defeat me; my monsters always come back!

It appears I must crush you myself! Go ahead, destroy my monsters! Yours will follow them in death. Difference is, mine will come back!

AARRGGHH! I'm so angry right now! Feel my rage!

No monster will survive my attacks!

Your attacks won't make a scratch on my gigantic supply of Life Points.

I'll leave you crippled and helpless as I escape prison.

You cannot challenge the supremacy of my machines! Taste the metal!

When my machines are destroyed, I repair them and get them back on the Field! You are powerless against that.

I'll just destroy all of your monsters over and over and over!

Every monster you destroy will bring you closer to your doom!

You think you can win just by destroying my monsters? You are so naive. They'll come back to hurt you everytime.

6.1 A New Darkness[edit]

BAM-6.1 A New Darkness.png


Chasing the Ghouls has led you to an abandoned district in Tropica City. No sooner have you set foot in the zone that you are ambushed by a Ghoul. Get ready to duel!

Roman appears to be controlling a bunch of civilians with his Neuro-Needles. As you search the area, you spot Crow with two Ghouls. As soon as they spot you, they set upon you with evil intent!

This madness has to stop! People you know and care about have fallen under the sway of this poisonous influence. Just when you thought you were safe, Yusei, Akiza and...one of Tropica City's renowned top models surround you. Fight back and try to snap them out of their dominated daze!

Her name is Misty Tredwell, and she claims that you killed her brother. Clearly she's under the effect of Roman's Neuro-Needles.

As your are wandering the streets of the abandoned district, a sharp sound interrupts your search. You turn just in time to see a bird fall to the ground, a needle sticking out of its wing. A needle obviously meant for you. Looking up, you see Roman grinning darkly...


You will pay with your life for imprisoning us!

Must... Destroy... Everything!

Pathetic... I'll show you how powerful I am!

YOU! Your life ends now!

You killed my brother, and I will avenge him!

The boss will be pleased if I take you to him.

You're persistent, I'll give you that...

I'll destroy these ruins if I have to, but I WILL put you down once and for all!

Can you guess from where my monsters will attack?

I'll burn everything!!!

Mmph! Pitiful, how weak some Ghouls are. But you're facing a true duelist now!

AAARRRGGGH!!! I... Don't... Want... To... Errrr!

My monsters are growing stronger, and so am I! Your little adventure ends here.

I can destroy everything you know and love, and as many times as I need to!

I swear I will destroy you for what you've done to my brother, even if it means hurting my own monsters!

I can't lose. I must stop you.

6.2 Against Their Will[edit]

BAM-6.2 Against Their Will.png


Almost all the Ghouls have been defeated. There are still some of them on the run. Surrounded by Joey, Seto, Yugi and Marik, you keep searching. But something is wrong with them. Has Roman's Neuro-Needles hit once more?

Joey is defeated, let's hope he won't hold a grudge against you. But this mind-control he was under, it was NOT Roman's Neuro-Needles... What's happening?

Seto is a tough opponent, but he's finally down! He dueled in a way you've never seen him fight before. It's more than just him turning against you...

Yugi gave you a hard time, but you finally stopped him. His duel tactics were very different from usual. Is it really Yugi in there?

You are completely exhausted and Marik escaped! He was so strong but in a strange way, like somebody else was fighting in his stead.


The angrier I get, the stronger my monsters are.

ARGH! You're not gonna put me down that easily.

I'm not done with you!

I feel the rage flowing!

I'm gonna crush your mind....Arrrgh... Get out of my head!!! Arrrgh... It is futile to resist!

I'll completely drain your life away.

Aren't you afraid that every monster you hold dear will be destroyed?

I'll give you a parting gift that you will remember for a long time!

Your fear is bestowing my monsters so much power.

... It ends here ...

... I feel so much life and power!

So easy to control, just like machines!


Does my presence shock you?

Seeing you suffer is so much fun, let's see how THIS will hurt you.

There's definitely FEAR in you and you look so lost. You will succumb to fear. This is true power!



The last Ghoul you beat revealed Devack's location. Time to stop him once and for all!

Once Yusei has shaken free from Roman's venom, Devack and Roman are put behind bars. But there are still Ghouls on the run, and one person standing between you and them: Misty. She no longer seems under the Neuro-Needle's influence, but she firmly believes that you murdered her brother. Duel her to prove your innocence!

7. Silent Crypt[edit]

BAM-7. Silent Crypt.png


Akiza and Crow, two trustworthy friends, have offered to accompany you. You decide to duel for a bit before entering the ruins.

After a relaxing bout of dueling, you enter the ruins. You have barely set foot inside that you are assailed by Shadows!

You venture further in the ruins with Akiza and Crow. It's like a maze in there, and you are beset by Shadows on more than one occasion.

What's going on!? Why are these Shadows attacking you? Suddenly, everything starts shaking! Amidst the chaos, you lose sight of Akiza and Crow.

You are now alone in the ruins, and the path to the exit is blocked by rubbles. You have no other choice but to keep going deeper into the ruins.


Let's see how you handle my gifts.

That didn't work out so well... I'll steal Power from your Monsters, then!

Steal my Monsters' Power and you won't see what's coming.

Hurt me, and my Monsters will feel it... You might even feel it too.

With this deck, I'll put you in a world of never-ending hurt!

I love sacrificing my Monsters when I know they'll come back.

Even when destroyed, Spells holds much power!

Every Monster I sacrifice will make me stronger, and you weaker.

These Dragons can't be destroyed, and they'll be the first to strike!

Let me show you the true power of Light by destroying all Dark Monsters.

These low-level Monsters will grow quickly and destroy all your Spells!

Constellar Monsters synergize so well. They can Shock, Boost, Cripple, and even Resurrect Monsters and Spells!

The Hieratic Dragons of Eset and Nebthet are similar, and yet so different.

Controlling Spells can be extremely powerful. Here, let me show you a little something...

I hate Spells so much. Don't even think about casting one!

7.1 Peaceful Confusion[edit]

BAM-7.1 Peaceful Confusion.png


As you venture deeper into the ruins, you see some light. Daylight! A door! You've found the exit! As you're approaching the door, the floor collapses under your feet and you fall into a dark room. You barely manage to get your breath back that Shadows assault you again!

You're stuck in those ruins again... It's like a maze down there. You have to get out of this treacherous place as fast as possible!

Despair engulfs you as you start thinking you'll never get out of there!

You enter a strange looking room. You feel so peaceful in there, too much peaceful...

Even being attacked does not disturb you! What's going on?! Are you losing your mind!?


You can't escape your fate.

Come with us!

These monsters gain power while your lifeforce ebbs aways!

Even in this place, no darkness can resist the Photon Slasher.

My monsters feel my pain, and so will you.

You don't know what you've gotten yourself into...

There's nothing you can do. Your spells won't even work.

The light is powerful, go to it!

Accept my gifts and come with us.

No spell will help you now.

Annihilate the darkness in you and accept the light.

7.2 Divine Terror[edit]


During the Shadows' unreleting [sic] onslaught, you mysteriously find yourself in another place...an eerily disturbing place! Maybe you HAVE lost your mind after all...

Strangely, the Shadows look different here. They don't seem that dangerous...

The Divine cards... Are they THAT powerful? How can they help you get out of here?

It look likes the Shadows want to help you in some way... But why? And to what end?

The Organizer is manipulating you?! The Channelers will return to help you or destroy everything? What's this nonsense?! Just as you're about to battle more Shadows, you black out!


There is always a way to become stronger.

Do not fear this place. You chose to be here. It is your doing.

This is so sad... You can't even wake up.

Even if I am a Shadow, I will use light monsters to guide you.

I fight darkness with my light monsters. What are you fighting? Do you know what you're up against?

Even in death, my monsters remain fearsome.

I control Beast-Warrior. Do not let the Organizer control you!

I've got so many life points... And I always want more!

Boost, boost, boost! More and more power, nonstop!

Be like my Warriors. Fight back!

Spellcasters always need - and want - more power. They can even kill their own kind for it!

Listen carefully: You must wake the Channelers; it's the only way you'll get out of here. But be careful; they also want to get out and live again! You must not let that happen... at any cost!

8. Qualifications[edit]


There's quite a crowd! The first thing to do is find a B!T and register for the qualifications. Once you're registered, you'll be matched with a random opponent.

Your first opponent is Mokuba.

Your second opponent is Weevil.

Your third opponent is Bakura.

Joey is your last opponent. The winner will move on directly to the quarterfinals!

You have secured a place in the quarter finals!


Win a duel to proceed. You will be matched against a worthy opponent.

I'll be your first opponent. And you can bet that I'll be your last!

This time, no matter what happens, my monsters will gain power!

No way I'm letting you win that easy. My beasts will crush you!

Win a duel to proceed. You will be matched against a worthy opponent.

Hahaha! Are you kidding me? YOU'RE my opponent? Oh, this'll be like taking candy from a baby!

Hmph! I let you win last time... Now my insects will feed on your flesh!

All right, I've had enough of you! My Insect Queen will grind you into dust!

Win a duel to proceed. You will be matched against a worthy opponent.

This duel is gonna be so much fun! Go easy on my plants, would you?

Wow! You're strong. I'll have to use a better plant deck this time.

You're gonna have a hard time against this rock deck.

You afraid of water? Heh, you should be!

I'll be the one going to the quarterfinals. You're no match for my Spellcaster deck.

My Machine deck will be the last one you face in this tournament!


To make a Fusion, you first need a Fusion Monster. Notice the icon over your Naturia Beast monster, that indicates this is a Fusion Monster. Drag it on the field in the first channel. Now hit BAM.

The Fusion Monster card tells you what card it needs to make a Fusion. In this particular case, you need a Beats Monster. two of your cards are Beast Monsters! Drag one of hem directly on top of Naturia Beast, and the other on the empty channel. Don't forget to place the Spell!

Notice that if you tap the Fusion icon, you can see the monster that will be created by the Fusion. The Fusion only occurs when you hit BAM.

Every successful Fusion triggers a special effect.In this case, you are healed by 2400 Life Points!

You can play all cards involved in a Fusion on the same turn! Think you can get out of this predicament with Fusion? Choose your cards wisely and hit BAM.

When a Fusion Monster is destroyed, both cards used in the Fusion are sent to the Graveyard. Well, that's it for Fusion Monsters! Enjoy your new Fusion card and its amazing effects!

8.1 Quarterfinals[edit]


Congratulation you have reached the quarter finals! Get ready for your next opponent, Jack.

Wow! That was impressive! Let's see if you will do as well against Akiza.

You might make your way through the quarter finals. But it's not done yet! You must now face Crow and his fusion cards.

Your last opponent in the quarter finals is Misty. Let's see if you are good enough to reach the semifinals.

You impressed a lot of people with your last matches! You earned your pass for the semifinals!


I'm home here in Tropica City. I'm not going to let you win in front of my fans!

You don't stand a chance against my deck. I'm going to show everyone that I'm the best!

Your luck stops here. This deck I have is so well made it can't be beaten!

I'm happy that I made it all the way to the quarter finals! I hope to go even further in this competition.

My water monsters have always saved me!

I'm proud of what I've done in this competition, but I'm not ready to give up yet!

My fusion cards will lead me to the semifinal of this tournament!

The beasts I am going to use are so powerful! I'm curious to see you dealing with a Naturia Beast!

It's getting serious now! I have no choice but using my dragons!

These sea serpents hail from the abyss. I really don't see how you can hope to prevail!/All these sea serpents taken from the abyss. I really don't see how you are gonna make it!

Not all sea monsters are pretty, but I can live with that!/Not all the monsters from the sea are pretty, but I can compromise!

Ok you won the first rounds, but don't be too excited. I'm going to cripple your monsters to oblivion!

8.2 Semifinals[edit]


Congratulations! You have reached the semifinals! Seto is waiting for you.

Once more, you have proved your skills! Will you do as well against Rex?

You must be a great player! You won against Mai and her Psychic monsters!

Nothing can stop you! You've made it to the finals!


Ok, you're getting annoying! I'm getting rid of you!

Well played, but I haven't said my last word!

9. The Underworld[edit]


Be careful! There are a lot of illegal duelists down there.

Congratulations! Defeating Weevil was no walk in the park!

It looks like Rex's brute force wasn't enough to stop you!

You prevailed against B!T Lv3 and its necro arsenal!

Wow! You withstood that B!T Lv3's awesome firepower!



You may have dealt with the B!T Lv1, but now it's a whole new ballgame!

Let's finish this! I'm getting tired of looking at that ugly mug of yours.


I knew I couldn't count on that B!T Lv1 to stop you.

Even though it's not my style, I'll have to play smart if I wanna beat you.





Your monsters will be so crippled they won't be able to harm so much as a fly!


Time for my dinosaurs to get back into the game!


9.1 Team Up[edit]

Lucky you. You've got friends to help you out!

Weevil had more success when he was using insects!

Rex should stick to brute force. It suits him better!

You are approaching a massive door. Jaden is standing in front of the door, obviously looking to challenge you!

Now that you've defeated Jaden, he steps aside so you can open the door.


Here goes something!

Chill out, dude. This is far from over!

As opponents go, you're definitely hard to get rid of!

Get your game on!

You better be ready, bro!

Enough! Now I will destroy you utterly!

Let's see if my new Earth deck will work as planned!

No duel is over 'til the last card is played!

With this deck, I'll control the game!

I'm gonna put you in your place!

9.2 War Room[edit]


As the shade gets closer, you can make out its form. It's a man, and he promptly challenges you to a series of duel.

You showed him that you're a formidable duelist! However, Kagemaru hasn't said his last word!

After your victory, Kagemaru starts aging quickly. He is now a wizened old man. He has failed to attain immortality...


If you made it to this room, you must be a fair duelist! Let's see what you can do!

My name is Kagemaru. Don't be fooled by my youthful looks. I'm actually a master duelist!

Have you ever heard of Immortals?

I have the strength of youth and the wisdom of age!

I need to defeat worthy opponents to honor the Channeler of Strength. I hope you're good enough!

You're more skilled than I thought. Now, let's see how you deal with these Ninjas!

These Fire monsters never disappoint me!

Do you feel that breeze? The Wind monsters have come to take you away!

The strength of the earth is not to be questioned!

By the power oft he Light, I need to win this duel!

Look at your feet. Water will soon have filled the room!

I feel like this is my last chance. I have to give everything I have left!